Passionate People - Richard Gaston

After shooting the new campaign for our Into the Deep camo jacquard at the picturesque Killiehuntly estate in the Scottish Highlands, we sat down with photographer Richard Gaston in a conversation about his love of photography, his Scottish travel recommendations and the bags in between.

Inside Paul West's London Townhouse

We had the opportunity to talk with Architect and Brand Innovator Paul West about how we can try to stay unique in a world of  "hyper-information", the process of creating a wood lamp, favorite spots in London, and some memorable bags in between.

MISMO Backpacks

A deeper understanding of our Backpacks

M/S Aspire

Introducing M/S Aspire, a small and compelling one-compartment briefcase build on the same principles as the larger, two-compartment M/S Endeavour.

Kings Green Jacquard

Featuring an elegant checked pattern with an aristocratic bent

A tribute to future adventures

Read our selection of some of our favourite gifts. Companions that will be a trusted friend for years to come while collecting enduring memories along the way. 

Distinct Christmas Journeys

Gift-hunting can be challenging. To help you out, we’ve taken matters into our own hands and identified five elegant shortcuts to gift-giving success.

M/S Endeavour

A closer look at our briefcase bestseller


Walking Together

We have compiled a list of our most shareable (and loveable) bags – all of them as timeless as the love you’re hopefully about to witness this wedding season.

Slate Herringbone

We collaborated with Antwerp-based lifestyle photographer Thibault. The inspiration for the series was rooted in his fascination for urban landscapes and the MISMO Slate Herringbone colour palette.

Introducing Into The Deep

We're thrilled to introduce our newest jacquard weaving -a refined and understated camouflage jacquard in a deep base colour with hints of green and black.

Mismo at Fredericia

The Frederica Showroom served as a natural backdrop for this photoshoot which centred around our Legacy and Full-Grain Leather collections.

Grand Herringbone

Introducing a textured weave for the modern wardrobe that evokes a journeyed sense of timeless elegance.

Palm Jacquard

With inspiration for this season's most arresting development gleaned from the vintage weavings of the Limonta archive, this terracotta palm jacquard has summer warmth and adventure written all over it.

Autumn Travel Guide

We thought we would share three of our favourite travel destinations, all with a unique connection to Mismo. They are chosen not just for the stunning natural landscapes and cities they inhabit, but for the sense of story, craftsmanship and warmth that have been poured into these unique spaces.

A novel take on army canvas

The combination is rich and full of character, offering a sense of old world charm and adventure.

Kristian Haagen

In conversation with scandinavia´s most influential watch specialist. 

Stephen Pulvirent

Behind the passion with the managing editor at Hodinkee

Ballistic Nylon

Learn more about the three different colorways within the Ballistic Nylon collection. Vigorous, understatedly chic yet ready to perform, each of them celebrates that most valuable good in life; true freedom!


Tote Bags for the modern nomad

A guide to understanding size and functionality of our key tote bags. 

Your bag