A deep dive into our most durable fabric

Ballistic Nylon

The Ballistic Nylon Collection is build around the strongest fabric in our range, offering three colorways all drawing inspiration from the roaring Nordic seas.

Ballistic nylon, so-called for its tight basket weave and high tenacity, is slightly thicker and heavier than our other fabrics and is characterized by extreme durability. Whether tucked away in your gym locker, or en-route from your atelier, these styles surely pack a punch. Vigorous, understatedly chic yet ready to perform, each of them celebrates that most valuable good in life; true freedom!

Take a scroll down to learn more about the different colorways within the collection and enjoy the campaign images beautifully captured by the one and only Mr. Anders Overgaard.


All colourways within the Ballistic Collection are paired with black, full-grain bridle leather and gun-metal accessories for a clean & sleek look.

- Fabric Composition: PA 64% - PL 19% - PU 17% 

- Weight: 862 gr. per running meter

- Lining: Grey coloured lining

- Martindale: 50.000 (most durable fabric within the MISMO suite of fabrics)

- Waterproof by nature

M/S Drop Bag - Skagerrak/Black
Skagerrak is the name of the strait located between northern Jutland in Denmark, southwest Sweden and the southern coasts of Norway
Autumn gives the waters of Skagerrak a distinct, deep and dark greenish hue perfectly represented in this colourway
Ever since we introduced this sultry combination, it has become a true Mismo classic
Drawing inspiration from the black beaches at the South Coast of Iceland
A combination designed for heavy-duty wear that will stand up to nearly any test
Exploring the dark navy hues of the ocean deep, the Deep Blue even hints shades of black as a crisp and clean match to its black bridle leather
Sporty yet sophisticated, this colorway will stand up to nearly any test an adventurous lifestyle has to offer
M/S Supply - Deep Blue/Black

M/S Supply

€0 EUR €825 EUR
Deep Blue/Black — Nylon
M/S Endeavour - Black/Black

M/S Endeavour

€0 EUR €665 EUR
Black/Black — Nylon
M/S Backpack – Deep blue/Black

M/S Backpack

€0 EUR €575 EUR
Deep blue/Black — Nylon
M/S Express – Black/Black

M/S Express

€0 EUR €490 EUR
Black/Black — Nylon
M/S Aspire -  Skagerrak/Black

M/S Aspire

€0 EUR €540 EUR
Skagerrak/Black — Nylon
M/S Shopper – Deep blue/Black

M/S Shopper

€0 EUR €315 EUR
Deep blue/Black — Nylon
M/S Washbag – Black/Black

M/S Washbag

€0 EUR €250 EUR
Black/Black — Nylon
M/S Drop Bag – Skagerrak/Black

M/S Drop Bag

€0 EUR €250 EUR
Skagerrak/Black — Nylon
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