Words of the Wise


Mismo is everything the discerning could hope for. Sizing, function and materials come together in a storm, enabling ones daily life to be stylish and fluid.  My Mismo shopper in black full-grained leather is the epitome of style, elegance, attitude, durability, practicality and function. Size is perfect, handle lengths perfect, look and materials are perfect.  It makes me… better.

Justin, Haywards Heath, UK

Finding a bag that ticks most
boxes isn't easy. I'm glad to have found something reliable for everyday use from Mismo. The quality and the finish is well deserving of its competitive price tag, and I am extremely pleased to have found something that I enjoy
carrying around and not shy to recommend to people looking for high quality bags.

Juventus, Singapore

Dear Mismo team, thanks for giving the opportunity to share my opinion. I now own a couple Mismo bags, and honestly there is no other brand that combines such levels of aesthetics and durability. These bags age very well thanks to high quality materials and simple but clever design. I always look forward to new designs and colors. I realized that a weekend getaway without a Mismo bag doesn't have the same flavor. Congrats to the Mismo team for your amazing work!

Jocelyn, New York, USA

I discovered the Mismo brand and products at Bon Marché in Paris. Since then, I have already ordered a bag on the Mismo site and another in Paris. The quality of service, the products, the philosophy of the brand, everything is there.

The communication is also very well done, even if for me who am not bilingual, a site in French would be welcome. Well done for your products and your communication!

Stéphane, Paris, France

I am a huge fan of Mismo’s clean modern designs and unmatched build quality. I always get compliments whenever I carry one of their unique bags. I have purchased at least 10 items over the past few years and only had one issue with wear and tear on a backpack strap; Mismo customer service immediately replaced the bag at no cost to me. They are hands down one of my favorite companies and I am looking forward to purchasing many more items.

Ryan, Cambridge, USA

I got a Mismo M/S Utility briefcase 5 years ago and still use it to this day. The design is outstanding, since I often have to quickly grab various items small and large. Also the minimal yet stylish look goes with everything I wear whether it's a suit or t-shirt and shorts.

Daniel, Illinois, USA

I have got several Mismo bags in different materials, shapes and for different purposes. They all fit wonderfully to different types of activities whether leisure/travelling or business. Great durability, good comfort and nice to look at. Keep growing your assortment!

Jesper, Hedehusene, Denmark

I own two Mismo hold-all’s. I
find them both to be extremely well made and fairly priced with good quality hardware. I’ve owned them both for a few years and they are also durable.

Peter, London, UK

The customer service is fast in answering all of your questions, I love the quality of the bags and they look very luxurious. I have nothing but good recommendations for this brand!

Justine, Zwijnaarde, Belgium

This early tote bag has been my friend around the world. Carrying everything from carrots to the most expensive things. Enjoying busses, flights, cafes and restaurants. Now she is old, some holes here and there but she is still with me to the Laundromat and carrying my groceries. A companionship for life♥.

Jens, Stockholm, Sweden

I purchased the M/S Goods Shopper in navy over two years ago and I’ve been a huge fan of your brand ever since.  It’s the perfect travel bag and I love the black trim and navy waterproof nylon material you use. It’s classic and minimalist, crafted with care and precision, and I’m so excited to purchase the navy M/S Avail and the navy M/S Mega Tote next once we are finally able to travel again.

Mark, New York, USA

I bought Mismo backpack for my husband as Christmas-present some years ago. It turned out to be my favorite bag, and now a few years after, we both have our own ones and we have bought some other bags and accessories too. Mismo bags are top quality, long lasting and never goes out of fashion.

Niina, Helsinki, Finland

Mismo products are the embodiment of Scandinavian design - understated elegance with no compromise to quality!

Clinton, Malta

When I needed to return a product and buy another model, I got fast and high quality service related to how to do the return.

Anders, Roskilde, Denmark

I am very glad to testify as to the great design, functionality and style of the several Mismo products I have bought over the years - from the shopper, the Express and Rucksack backpacks to the Something Travel Bag, I love my Mismos every day I use them. A big plus is the great customer service who on one occasion recommended to me my preferred colour/style even though it was not listed on the website! I look forward to visiting Mismo again when I am in Copenhagen next time!

Dominique, Zürich, Switzerland

The Mismo M/S Shopper is my new daily bag. I use it for the daily way to office as well for my daily shopping! The bag is just made with the best materials and high quality. I just love my new bag!

Timo, Stuttgart, Germany

I’ve owned my MS Soft Work bag in Army and Dark Brown for about years now. Honestly, it looks as good as the day I bought it. While I’m not a public transport commuter, this bag still get chucked in the back of my car daily as well as my desk at work. Only yesterday I got another comment on my bag and it was the second comment this week. Honestly, for carrying my 15” laptop, lunch and personal items every day, I couldn’t think of a better bag.

Jayde, Sydney, Australia

For more than 15 years I have been with multiple Mismo bags (+10) all around the world: USA, Mexico, Nigeria, Myanmar, Japan, Fiji, Turkey, Tanzania etc.. Mismo bags have made me neat and efficient in every action in airports, transportations, and hotels. Rather than TUMI, Mismo looks more intelligent and elegant. Thanks for your sophisticated sense of designing and crafting such bags.

Yoonho, Suwon, South Korea

I discovered your company by accident, when I came across an article where Kristian Haagen talked about your products. Then I ordered the M/S Soft Work in Army/Cuoio it was in May last year. Since then, I have been using this bag every day and I am pleased with it. The first bag, and I already had a lot of them, which really makes me happy, I like how it gets older, it becomes more "noble" from use and I got many inquiries like "cool bag". I recommend it for those who like unique products of really high quality.

Robert, Józefów, Poland

Not only do I love your product and have several bags and backpacks, which I use on a daily basis, but I also want to congratulate you to your great team, especially Adam. When I was interested in the Explorer travel bad, I had a super nice conversation with Adam and was advised that I could wait a little longer, because there would be my preferred color combination army/cuoio in the pipeline. I was ready to buy a different color that day, because I wanted to travel with it … but I was assured that the new color would arrive in time for me to take it on the trip and that I better wait a couple of days. I thought that was amazing. Not pushing for the sales but giving me good advice instead. Bag arrived in time as promised. Love it and was able to travel with it.

Stefan, Elciego, Spain

I am an engineer from China. I am honored to have visited the Copenhagen headquarters in 2016. I like Mismo's excellent fabrics and craftsmanship very much. I think it is the brand with the best practicality and design sense. I hope I can see Mismo's image store in China. I believe it will sell very well.

Alex, China

In short, Mismo embodies
Danish design qualities like craftsmanship, simplicity and functionality. I am a longstanding customer and value your products every day.

Christian, Copenhagen, Denmark

The product, that I had the pleasure to buy, is definitely more than a simple briefcase. It is the game changer in my daily life. I was looking for a practical bag to make my office mobile. Thanks to you, I received a lifestyle briefcase that met my expectations in 100% - looks great and stay timeless. It was a good idea to trust you in this case. I will definitely continue to be a part of the MISMO community by increasing the bags collection. 

Waldemar, Warsaw, Poland

I’ve had a M/S Backpack for about three years that I totally love. It came from a seasonal colourway of a Green/Grey Canvas with Black Leather & Gun Metal accessories. It has been all over the world with me and I get many compliments with inquires about who makes it. The expression of quality with very subtle branding is amazing. I enjoy telling people about the fabric being a weave of canvas and ballistic nylon giving the fabric natural texture and wave, durability, and water resistance.This last autumn I added a M/S Haven in Khaki/Black that I use for groceries. As of now I have at least three friends who covet it. And want one of their own. They can’t have mine. I really don’t need any more bags but I expect I won’t be able to resist something for long. BRAVO!

Roy, Toronto, Canada

I am writing to you, to share a quick review of my new M/S Rucksack which I have purchased through your site a while ago. The rucksack is crafted from materials of best quality; it has a very nice design and is very practical as well. I simply love it!

Michal, Bratislava, Slovakia

I usually don't respond to review requests, but I will write you a review because I really appreciate my Mismo bag that much!I don't know what this bag is named (M/S Market Tote red.), but it is my most trusted companion. I love the versatility, durability, design, material, colors and many pockets! It's comfortable as a backpack, but also when in shoulder bag mode, or hand held. The stitching holds up to a lot of weight, and zippers are also good in quality. The whole bag is incredibly practical but remains so stylish! A bag of great integrity! I love it so much, and it makes me feel good to know that I will be able to enjoy it for many years. And, that I will not tire of its look. I will definitely remain a Mismo customer.

Erin, Copenhagen, Denmark

Absolutely love my M/S Utility Bag in black! It's the perfect work and gym bag. It looks great and is super functional. The quality and construction are also unbeatable. Would highly recommend.


Jordan, New York, USA

I purchased a M/S Brief last spring. One year later it still feels fresh, and I still love how it looks and feels! I expect I will have it for many years to come!

Jakob, Copenhagen, Denmark

I’ve been looking at buying a new weekend bag, and have decided to invest in a Mismo. Unfortunately due to lockdown I can’t get to see the bags in the shops, so I dropped a mail to Mismo directly enquiring about various styles. The service I have received to date has been first class. The team couldn’t have been more helpful in providing me with pictures from their store, descriptions and sizes of the bag, and what which bag would suit me for what I’ll be using it for. Now that I’ve selected the style and colour I will be ordering at least one bag from Mismo.

David, London, UK

I have now purchased many Mismo Bags. Superb design. Superb quality and attention to detail. Bags you will use and keep forever!

Richard, Cranbrook, UK

The attention to detail and quality of craftsmanship are unparalleled at Mismo. I use my black nylon wash bag every day and love it!

Joseph, New York, USA

I cannot tell you how many times people have asked me to identify the brand of my Mismo briefcase. The simple yet innovative design strikes a perfect balance between professional and unique.

Lew, London, UK

I've purchased several bags ever since I first saw them at the Kapok shop in Hong Kong. I’ve traveled consistently for work over the last decade and it's meant that my Morris briefcase got nice and weathered, a later-stolen backpack crossed oceans reliably and the M/S shopper tote was in constant rotation. The shopper got the most use because the fabric weighed nothing, it could pack everything at an unexpected moment and had a shoulder strap for when I had overstuffed it.In the age of trying to pare down my travel items, I got an M/S Commute, and then the pandemic happened. But, the one case I regret not ever buying was the Wessel. Couldn't afford it back in the day but it was gorgeous. I hope you'll eventually reissue it so I can get one! So in short, I love your products, they are truly versatile and travel durable.

Ceiting, Hong Kong

Love it, it’s my second M/S Fly. No bag like it. The outside pocket on the backside for cellphone easy access is my fave feature. It’s perfect because of its small hidden size. I hope to see it in structured cotton canvas or waterproof, hard woven Italian nylon soon! Thank you!

Izzam, Vancouver, Canada

I have been buying your products for several years, discovering them years ago at Barneys, New York. They are the best-designed products ever seen, a balance between contemporary design and classic shapes. Thanks. The last bag I bought, the M/S Something is exceptional.

Marco, New York, USA

Four years ago I bought my first MISMO bag (M/S Shuttle). Since then, I have used it 4-5 days a week on a daily basis for work, gym etc., but also for weekend trips. I simply just love the simple, yet durable design! Three months ago I acquired the M/S Holdall. Slightly bigger and more suitable for my needs, and overall just a great quality piece of work. Will only own MISMO bags going forward. Thank you for a great
product :).

Peter, Texas, USA

It’s been while back but I had been commuting between Zurich and Luxembourg on a weekly basis and was tired of bulky and noisy wheeled trolley, and thus decided to change to a Boston bag where you can also carry on the luggage, without the fuss of rolling it over the floor making noise, and moreover having more flexibility in the space you can carry. Very happy with the bag quality and now I own three Mismo bags. Keep up the good work.

Shunji, Zürich, Switzerland

I live in Canada and (until Covid) travelled extensively around the globe - primarily for work but always sprinkled with fun. In January 202 my long time search for an extremely well built, timeless and professional commuter bag resulted in my purchase of a Mismo ‘Mate’. It’s a black leather bag that will last forever! I’ve received many compliments about the bag and it’s exquisite look and quality. It’s the perfect size for business documents and also easily accommodates my headphones, water bottle, baseball cap and gloves as well as pens, pencils and notebooks. There’s even a bit of space left for my small aluminum scotch whiskey flask! I’d recommend the Mate to anyone. If you want a classic extremely well designed and built bag, purchase a Mate! It’s worth every penny!

Hugh, Bathurst, Canada

For years I used my Mismo shopper. It went with me on numerous travel moments and meetings. I always received a positive response from people everywhere I went. Every time I buy a bag from another brand I still come back to the Mismo that I had forever. Now unfortunately I gave it away to my nephew and he is super happy with it. The canvas and models are just indestructible. Time for a new one!

John, Amsterdam, Holland

I wanted to share my and my recipients' thoughts on the purchases of their two Mismo M/S Drop bags in Sand Waves/Dark brown and Deep blue/Black because I wanted to let you know how much my recipients enjoy them both and wanted their thoughts on the long term.

I bought them with the intention to give them as gifts to two special people in my life. As soon as they opened the mailbag, we were all very impressed with the packaging alone. If the packaging was this good, imagine the bag! When they finally pulled the bag from its protective packaging, they were floored. They remarked how good and fitting the overall silhouette was, but we were most amazed by the feel of them. They are a tactile pleasure to hold and use, making them frequent companions to everything from the grocery store to interstate travel.

Furthermore, upon opening and initial usage of the bags, they were impressed by the thoughtfulness of the compartments and their little details. One of them was particularly impressed by the placement of the snap closure, enabling one-hand opening and closing. They wondered why this wasn't on other bags, because it was such a simple solution to an ongoing nitpick they had! The other recipient was particularly delighted simply with the colourway they had, the Sand Waves - it goes with absolutely everything, yet still stands out!

On top of that, when purchasing, I had a few questions regarding warranty and during shipping when apparently only one of them was shipped, Adam from support was very kind, friendly, and refreshingly swift with his replies, reassuring me that Mismo stands behind their products even after the 2-year standard warranty and that both bags were shipped in one package, just under one name. Shoutout to Adam!

So, there are my and my recipients' thoughts. Overall, we had an absolutely amazing experience, from the product and your brand. I, we, would not hesitate to recommend your products to anyone looking for a bag that'll last them a lifetime and look good doing it.”

Joshua, Craigieburn, Australia

I have used many MISMO
products and I’ve found that they are of very high quality, very well made and durable.

Maharindo, Kalgoolrie, Australia

I bought my Mismo bag just a couple of months ago, and it's truly been a very pleasant experience. Sturdy, convenient and with a great design, a perfect bag to own for years to come. Delivered without problems in nice packing. Highly recommend it.

José, Allicante, Spain

I am in love with my M/S Supply bag. My wife bought it for me as a gift and I am now considering a cover for my Mac. The workmanship is top notch and the refined styling will give me a lifetime of use.

Alexander, Allicante, Spain

Mismo is top quality! I own a wash bag and not least 4 larger bags. Super durable products and the design is timeless and completes one's expression. Mismo is luxury and compete easily with similar brands.

Rene, Copenhagen, Denmark

I’m very happy to have this chance to tell the world what the Mismo goods represent to me. Actually, they are a part of my daily life, though bags, covers, pouches and key straps... a wonderful choice of products, that today, I could even call a little collection I couldn’t imagine my life without! 

I happen to live in a well-hidden loft in Brussels, Belgium, and to travel a lot, so bags are very important to me. I like to display beautiful bags around my place as part of my home interior and, as it is an open space, I also use them to store things of daily need. During my trips, my Mismo bags bring me always a unique and indescribable sense of confidence and warm companionship, for they are « that perfect balance » between sturdy quality, functionality and an impressive timeless beautiful design!!! ... and, needless to say, the doing of the wonderful team behind, brings me all that special warmth I need during my journeys when a Mismo bag is near me!!! ... and I mean it. For I know each and everyone of your products is done with conviction, love and dedication!

I take this chance then, to thank you endlessly for the always flawless and truly personal service and care you have provided me with since my very first purchase!

Mismo Team, you are truly awesome and very dear to me. Thank you. You deserve all the best!

Esteban, Bruxelles, Belgium

I currently have several Mismo products (a Tote Bag that was given to me as well as a toiletry kit and a backpack). All the products are of magnificent quality and design. I am delighted with my Mismo products, which are elegant and discreet. Simplicity is the best form of sophistication.

Richard, Paris, France

I have owned a Mismo Briefcase bag since spring last year and couldn't be happier with it. I use it daily, having a MacBook Pro in it, tablet and many other daily essentials. Its small and compact, however big enough to have even a back up t-shirt or sweater if needed. Besides the elegant design and beautiful colour, what really stands out is the quality. It's been 1 year of everyday use and there's zero wear and tear on the bag. And I'm not exaggerating at all. It's still brand new. I'm looking to get a black tote bag next, something I can wear again on daily basis, just a bit bigger to accommodate shopping. Thank you for making incredible products!

Ljubomir, Prague, Czech Republic

It was late autumn 2015 when I prepared myself to leave Copenhagen after finishing my studies at the University of Copenhagen. For a couple of weeks, I had thought about the question what item I could find in Copenhagen as a reminder to the lovely time I spend there. Something that would accompany me for a long time. And I finally found that bag brand... To be honest, I was kind of surprised that it was not possible to find a store inside the city that would have this local brand in its catalogue. So, one day I walked through industrial and living districts, looking for a showroom in Prags Boulevard.

Most probably, the charming lady in the “showroom” was also surprised about this guy with a strong German accent who was looking for a MISMO bag he saw on the Internet… Well, after a few minutes I made my decision and convinced her to sell me directly my first MISMO product, the M/S Briefcase. Still not sure how many customers have been there to buy directly by themselves!?

Anyway, back in Germany, I began my first job, and quite often I was asked from which brand I got this bag. Over the years I added a wallet, a cardholder and eventually the iconic M/S Aviator and I would not consider this as a closed list. I love the design, the colours and especially the quality! Unpacking is a true pleasure (and one can keep of course the textile bags) and although I use all products quite often, as they are reliable and sustainable, they are still in an exceptionally good shape. But all of this is nothing new for you, so I stop here…I hope this gives you a short impression about my journey with MISMO since 2015, I am wishing the whole team all the best for the future and please keep yourself as astonishing as you are!

Tino, Munich, Germany

I recently purchased a drop bag in navy/dark brown. First of all the delivery time was fast, living in a non-European county the item was received quickly with tracking all the way. The item was, as expected of the highest quality. The workmanship and materials are excellent. I particularly like the look of the woven fabric and the navy / brown looks very classy. Now I use my bag everyday, it’s perfect for the items that are to big for your pocket but to small for a backpack.

Jason, Wodonga, Australia

I am overwhelmed by the quality of my backpack. I have tried several other premium brands and their backpacks do not match yours at all. Best product ever.

Ole, Gothenburg, Sweden

I have owned a suite of beautiful Mismo travel bags for several years and I try to add to my collection each season. The M/S Briefcase and accompanying travel bags have been a staple of my business and leisure travel. They have never let me down, are always functionally superb and the objects of frequent admiring glances and complements from fellow travellers, friends and colleagues. Many joyful memories and adventures are forever associated with Mismo.

Matthew, London, UK

Ever since I picked up my first Mismo backpack 6 years ago (navy and dark brown) I was hooked. I have travelled the world with my Mismo bags. Not only are they robust and functional, but also exceptionally stylish. Equally suitable for safari in Africa or stay in a 5 star hotel. The only issue is that they seem to last forever!

Christopher, London, UK

My first purchase has been a lovey experience. Everything went smooth and fast (I live in France), products are high quality and beautiful and even better than some luxury well known brand. The customer service was nice and very helpful. I really recommend Mismo products and I will re order more products for sure. Thank you!

Hye-Yong, Nogent Sur Mane, France

Just wanted to say that I had an excellent experience with you guys about a year ago. Was trying to order a supercool and lasting tote bag and had problems with voucher. I sent you message in the evening and got immediate response and the problem was solved way much quicker than I expected!I’ve been happy owner of cool tote bag since.

Alex, Helsinki, Finland

It took about twice as long as anticipated, but then the major phase of redoing our hideaway in the countryside was completed. It was perfect in a sense of leaving the city (Vienna is a great place, but likewise great to come back to) and the location embedded in vineyards was beautiful. — So what makes packing your belongings for a weekend enjoyable and is practical for transport as well as suitably placed in the new home? The Khaki M/S Haven had just the right functionality and desired performance to do the weekend job. Actually, you are looking forward packing it, shouldering it and go on about your weekend with you — from packing your stuff until repacking. The Italian canvas with bridle leather is being to our both liking and will eventually not remain our only Mismo making travels more enjoyable altogether.

Dirk, Vienna, Austria

Just wanted to say that I adore your products, especially your Endeavour briefcases and the newly launched herringbone design. The designs are simple yet so functional, and speaks volumes of your focus on understated elegance and importantly, utility. The workmanship is also impeccable. Keep up the excellent work, keep designing elegant and functional products. Stay safe!

Elaine, Singapore

I bought the Mismo M/S Backpack in midnight blue around a year ago and really loved it. The design is very sleek and the product is very durable. I particularly liked the leather touches on the bag. Truly well designed!

Brian Tsoi

There are so many reasons I keep coming back to Mismo - the build quality is amazing, and I cannot stress this enough but the bags are extremely functional. They fit so well into my daily routine and are so versatile, with countless examples - I carry the M/S Day Pack hooked onto the middle for both ends as a long tote bag that's just the right fit; the M/S Seaside is my 'chuck everything bag' which makes for a great Sunday bag for a picnic out, the M/S Utility has an awesome pouch in the front that's just the perfect fit for a Kindle (I use this so much when travelling); I was pleasantly surprised with the deep pockets in the front for the M/S Backpack to put water bottles + other accessories; I use the M/S Carpet Bag as a gym tote bag with just one sling (and sometimes I convert it to a backpack) and its versatility makes it extremely convenient & handy. My current obsession is the M/S Passage - I've found that it fits a 12.9 inch iPad Pro perfectly (maybe if you squeeze a little) and I use it so much to work on the go from just my iPad. The balance between excellent craftsmanship, practicality & good design is something that keeps me coming back, and I'd love to see what designs you guys come up with next!

Lincoln, Singapore

I have always been a fan of tote bags since I was in university. I have tried many brands including luxury brands that are made here in Canada. My problem is I couldn’t really find any bag that has my style and has superb durability. I am so lucky that I found Mismo and every penny is worth it! I usually switch from one tote to another but I haven’t switched bags since I got my Mismo! Another good thing about the Mismo M/S Shopper compared to other tote bags is it has a nice shape to it even if its too full or almost empty! Now that I have tested this brand for almost a year now, I am now ready to get some more Mismo bags!

R.Reyes, Calgary, Canada

I just wanted to tell you my daughter has used your backpack every day for 7 years. It still looks as good as the day we bought it and even with her heavy books and workload, and her tendency to drop the bag anywhere, the straps/ leather and fabric show no signs of wear. It was an expensive purchase for a school bag but I can’t tell you how impressed I am with the value for money. It has also survived all teenage fashion fads as the styling is timeless and she will now be taking it to University. I’m so happy we made the investment! Bravo, in times of disposable fashion you have really provided a quality purchase.”

Tracy, Richmond, UK

I just wanted to reach out and thank you for making such a wonderful product. I have had your bag since 2014 and since then have traveled to 4 continents, 28 countries, and states. It has withstood 1.3 million miles of air travel along with countless walking miles and just now over 7 years later developed a hole.  Thank you so very much for everyone's hard work at your company to develop products that are high quality and long lasting.

Jacob, Hutchins, Minneapolis, US

I have acquired several Mismo bags over past few years, they have all proven to be timeless and trusted companions through their outstanding quality and design. They are versatile enough for most occasions, making them an indispensable part of my daily wardrobe.

Pascal, Berchem, Belgium

I have been a Mismo customer for many years… and there’s a reason for that. It’s the quality of the product. From the materials used, the meticulous construction, the attention to detail, the classic understated design to the customer service, all of these points will keep you coming back time and time again.”

Matthew, West Palm Beach, US

I first discovered Mismo bags 10 years ago. I was young at the time and didn't have enough money to buy it. But a few years ago, I was able to purchase Mismo, and I finally bought three bags. Mismo’s classic look still makes my heart flutter.

Young, Offenbach, Germany

Mismo offers me the unpretentious sophistication that I look for in my everyday wardrobe with pieces branded not by logos, but by an overall aesthetic consisting of beautiful materials and simple designs intertwined with incredible
functionality. Their attention to detail not only creates high performance
bags, but versatile pieces as well; several of the bags I have include multiple carrying options through adjustable straps to transition seamlessly from handbag to backpack depending on my carrying needs. Seldom do I leave home without a Mismo bag whether it is to work, shopping, or travelling. 

Leif Kristian, Saint Paul, US

I carry my Midnight blue backpack with me on every travel and through every airport, it has just the right size, it carries all necessary belongings, it’s also my companion on my weekend trips. I very much like the MacPro 13” compartment that fits my Iaptop comfortably. The design is timeless.

Georges Faddoul, Zürich, Switzerland
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