We approach the design process with a singular attention to detail, paring down every element of the bags until only the essentials remain.
Our design is both an exploration and celebration of aesthetic sustainability. Combining vegetable-tanned, full-grain leather, premium Italian fabrics and sturdy brass hardware, we strive to achieve the ideal balance between versatility, durability and winning looks. Masterfully crafted, these materials offer the longevity we demand from our bags.


When you pare down your products to just essentials, it’s of utmost importance that every detail – from the stitching to the edge paint – is perfect.
All our products are made in Istanbul, Turkey by skilled artisans with whom we are proud to have built a strong relationship over the last fifteen years. We have chosen to work with manufacturers in Turkey by virtue of the country’s impressive and longstanding tradition for handcrafted goods. Turkey’s proximity also allows us to make frequent visits to check in on production and enjoy the charm and beauty of historic Istanbul.
The joy of working with natural materials Privilege
....and passionate craftsmen Passion


All our fabrics are sourced from Europe with the renowned, century-old Italian textile producer, Limonta, acting as our main supplier.
Since our launch in 2006, we have worked with more than 100 fabrics, continuously experimenting with different weaves to offer luggage that is both distinctive and well-crafted. This has given us widely varied insights into the capabilities of fabrics, ranging from natural cotton canvases to bulletproof nylons and custom-developed jacquard weaves. Using this knowledge, we have chosen the ideal fabrics for each of our different fabric collections.
weatherproof navy nylon Classic
The Grand Herringbone linen jacquard Refined
All fabrics feature a water repellent coating Resilient
Custom developed Jacquard weavings Poetic


Leather forms the backbone of our designs, strengthening the bags and allowing them to realise their full potential. Our leather from farm-raised European cattle is sourced from Turkey and Italy.
Using only full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather means that we only utilise the top grain of the hide and avoid applying harmful chemicals in its processing. The age-old tanning method allows the leather to stay as true as possible to its natural look, while developing a rich patina as it ages. Full-grain leather is the best quality of leather available, maintaining its strength over time and representing the full, rich texture of the original cowhide.


Bridle leather must be both strong and durable, and is required to last for a decade or more of use under any weather condition. It was originally designed for use in bridles, and a rider’s life literally depends on the leather not failing unexpectedly. Principally applied as main trimmings for the Fabric Collection, the full-grain bridle leather in MISMO products is custom-developed in Turkey. It is simply the best leather available for our purposes. We require a rich depth of colour, and the leather must age well and be free of natural imperfections that weaken the structure. Once the hide has been tanned, a colour finish is applied to our own exact specifications for a smoother, deeper and more refined appearance. 


Our smooth full-grain leather is vegetable tanned. We only use the finest of hides that are subjected to only a minimum of chemical processes to leave them exceptionally smooth and natural in look and feel. Over time, the leather will develop a rich and lustrous patina. Smooth full-grain leather boasts a character all of its own, often displaying natural markings that lend beauty and refinement to the material. Being a natural product, full-grain leather can also vary in hue and structure from product to product and from collection to collection. We view these small variations as unique characteristics and not as flaws – and we encourage our customers to do the same.


Our textured full-grain leather is the most recent addition to our range of full-grain leathers and is seamlessly aligned with our existing catalogue of natural materials and full-grain leathers. During its natural tanning process, this soft, richly textured leather undergoes a shrinking effect which serves to accentuate the original grain of the hide. The textured full-grain leather is featured with sturdy brass closures that enhance the leather’s singular look and feel. Each durable piece bears a personal signature of elegance.  


We source all our hardware from Italy, working with specific articles that we have been using and testing for several years.
We only use classic hardware pieces that we know will stand the rigorous test of daily wear, such as the sailor hooks applied in many of our designs. Our hardware is selected for its durability, which is why all articles are made from solid brass, either featured with antique golden coating or stylish gun-metal coating.
longevity Solid brass
COOL & SLEEK Gunmetal


We exclusively use YKK Excella zippers. The YKK Excella is the ultimate zipper where every element, down to the teeth, is perfected and hand-polished.
YKK is a Japanese company that has produced zippers since 1934 and has become the world standard. A smooth zipper is indispensable to a well-crafted bag. After all, zippers add not only utility but also beauty to a bag.
Golden brass zippers in grand herringbone combination
Gun metal zippers framed in black leather borders
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