About Mismo

Our Story

There’s an essence of elegance and romance at the core of Mismo that’s difficult to find among contemporary luxury fashion brands. What began as a simple idea in 2003 to counterbalance the uninspired nylon briefcases and travel bags of the time, has since blossomed into one of Scandinavia’s strongest accessories labels and a true leader in the luxury luggage market.

From Mismo’s first collection in 2006 to today, partners Adam Alexander Bach and Rikke Overgaard have carefully considered every step along the way. Their combined vision for the brand is focused and direct, and in true entrepreneurial fashion they’ve found success following their own map instead of traveling a path dictated by tradition. With backgrounds in market economics and men’s tailoring, Adam and Rikke prove with each Mismo product that contemporary luxury design 
is possible without a regimented fashion design education. Instead, it’s their unique ability to manifest their memories and experiences into their designs that dictates the elegance and understatement of the brand’s growing offering.

As a Danish brand with a Spanish name and bags manufactured in Turkey from the finest Italian fabrics, this continental element is one that purposefully touches every aspect of the company. Since the very beginnings of Mismo, Adam and Rikke have consciously ensured that every aspect contributes to the whole. As a family-owned company with a small core team, Mismo is focused on sustainably bringing our design philosophy to the world. In the end, all of these elements combine beautifully to evoke an elegance that is distinctly Mismo’s own.




Design Philosophy

Mismo supports and accentuates individual style and personal expression across the spectrum, from masculine to feminine and from laid-back to sophisticated. 

Behind our products, lies the philosophy that real luxury arises from the choices made - about what to subtract, and what should remain: The tactile qualities of the materials and the synergy created between aesthetics and function. It is straightforward, functional and durable design that showcases only what is strictly necessary - nothing more, nothing less.

Firmly based in the Danish design tradition, with an appreciation for the values of classic craftsmanship, Mismo unites natural materials with simple yet refined details to create products with true style. With an architectural precision in mind, we invite harmony and symmetry onboard from the very first pencil strokes.

Mismo signifies a contemporary elegance that is rooted in the virtues of classic design. It’s the style-savvy choice with a unique patina that grows only more resplendent and personal with the passage of time.