A Passionate Trinity

In conversation with photographer Richard Gaston

For a long time, Richard Gaston's photography has captured our attention, particularly his ability to convey the enchanting beauty of the untamed Scottish Highlands. It seemed a natural fit to combine his work with our Into the Deep camouflage collection, a jacquard weave merging sartorial elegance with the adventorous outdoors.

Having worked closely with the good people at the WILDLAND foundation for several years, we sent Richard off with a small capsule collection of bags to the picturesque Killiehuntly estate in the Cairngorm National Park, one of a handfull restored and tastefully decorated guesthouses in the middle of the wild landscape. 

The imagery is just as enchanting as we had imagined. And to put words to it all, we sat down with Richard in a conversation about his love of photography, the importance of optimal luggage solutions and Scottish travel recommendations to some of the most breathtaking and powerful landscapes in the world.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right in!

With the Scottish Highlands and the Killiehuntly estate providing picturesque backdrops, the campaign combines the understated sartorial elegance of our Into the Deep jacquard with the adventorous outdoors.


Hi Richard,

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us about your passion for photography, the Scottish Highlands and the bags you like to carry with you.

But before we get too nerdy with the details on the bags, please tell us a bit about yourself: Who are you, at what point in your life did you discover your passion for photography, and what led you to pursue it?


“Hello! My name is Richard Gaston, I’m from Scotland and currently reside in Glasgow, Scotland. I’ve spent all of my adult life pursuing photography, initially as a hobby and happily now a career.

Photography not just allows me to be creatively stimulated, but provides my life with purpose, passion and enjoyment. All of these experiences are fulfilling, enriching and teach me something new each time. They have brought me together with like minded and inspiring people, some of whom I can fortunately now call my closest friends. In addition, it has enabled and pushed me to travel the world’s most incredible places, some of which I doubtfully would have visited if it weren’t for photography. It encourages me to travel with a new perspective and look at the natural world in a different way, which consequently exposes me to beautiful situations.

At the beginning of this long journey, I spent some time in - the same city of MISMO - Copenhagen, working as a photography intern for Norse Projects and where I later met Rich Stapleton, who I then assisted for many years and can now gratefully call my friend. I returned back to Glasgow to continue my career as a photographer which remains to this day.”

"The M/S Aspire has accompanied me on many journeys, far and near. Locally and everyday when I go to cafes to carry out laptop work and drop by the shops on my way home to pick up some groceries."


During your visit to WILDLAND and the Killiehuntly estate for this photoshoot, what particular aspect of the experience stood out to you the most? From your perspective, what sets Killiehuntly apart and makes it unique?


“Having visited Killiehuntly and a number of the Wildland properties, I learned how they care and protect the land surrounding them with a 200 year long objective to re-wild Scotland. Personally I find that they strike the perfect balance between appreciating the rugged outdoors and the balance of nature, to the peaceful and comfortable luxury that exists indoors. 

This resonates a lot with my approach to life, where I enjoy spending my days embracing the elements in the mountains and then return to a calming and carefully considered space. What I personally feel sets them apart as a hospitality establishment is their objective is to develop the wild part of Scotland. Their care and passion for the rural side of the country has to be recognised.”


As a photographer who captures life's adventures and memories, can you recall a particular bag that has been a supportive companion during your journeys? Whether it's a bag from our shoot or one from your personal collection, is there a special bag that resonates with you and holds unique memories?


“The M/S Aspire has accompanied me on many journeys, far and near. Locally and everyday when I go to cafes to carry out laptop work and drop by the shops on my way home to pick up some groceries. 

It has ventured overseas during the bigger adventures and is the perfect airport companion; I travel with a lot of equipment, so optimal luggage is important. It allows me to keep my travel essentials and laptop accessible with the backside trolley fastening that I hook onto my camera case. 

Finally, it works for weekend trips away when all I need is a quick change and freshening up. 

And of course, it’s classically styled so it effortlessly looks sophisticated in every setting. So I can confidently say it has been with me from the daily rituals to the most enriching experiences of my life.”


For anyone dreaming about visiting the Scottish Highlands, what are the things they should know, what should they pack and is there a ‘must visit’ place for someone who has never travelled to the Highlands before?


“Scotland can be visited at any time of the year and experience atmospheric conditions; lush greens and washed out glens in the summer, to the rugged bitter beauty of winter. As appealing as summer may be, everyone should be aware of the notorious midges (mosquito like insect) at this time of year, especially if they are camping. They’ve ruined several idyllic camp spots I’ve patiently set up; the most beautiful, calm and warming conditions and then the midges turn up to spoil it.

Personally, autumn is the time to visit. Rich autumnal hues, surprisingly pleasant weather, quieter roads and rutting stags coming off from the hills.

My recommendation as to where to visit would be in the northwest of Scotland - the Torridon and Assynt areas. They are home to layers upon layers of rolling and rugged moorland with prominent, shapely and isolated peaks that protrude from the ground up. Locate yourself here for an evening’s sunset and you’ll see the sun dip below the Atlantic Ocean and fill the endless layers of land and lochs with golden light, occasionally silhouetted by the pyramidal mountains of the northwest.”

"We have created a collection of small, beautiful places to stay and explore the wild landscape around us - from our art house on the northern coast to cosy cottages nestled among ancient forests. There is something for everyone." For more information on WILDLAND, the Killiehuntly estate and how to vist, follow link below.

To see more of Richard's work, follow him on instagram instagram.com/richardgaston or visit his captivating website (trust us, it's worth the click)
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