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We approach the design process with a singular attention to detail, stripping down every element of the bags until only the essentials remain. Ours is both an exploration and a celebration of aesthetic sustainability. Combining vegetable tanned full-grain leather, premium Italian fabrics and sturdy brass hardware, we strive to find the right balance of versatility, durability and winning looks. These materials combine with skilled craftsmanship to achieve the longevity we demand from our bags.

Vegetable-tanned bridle leather in combination with luxurious Italian fabrics and sturdy brass hardware form the backbone of our designs.

Seasonal jacquard weavings are developed in close collaboration with our long-term Italian textile partner, Limonta.


Our permanent nylon fabrics (Navy, Concrete, Black, Skagerrak and Deep Blue), are entirely waterproof and will stand up to the test of any given autumn downpour.

All of our fabrics including cotton and linen are treated with a water-repellent coating which keeps them dry in light downpours.


A natural-coloured Cards with a dark and beautiful tabac toned patina achieved after more than 10 years of use.  

We use vegetable-tanned bridle leather throughout our Fabric Collection both as trimming and to provide support and structure to the bag.


Leather cutter and marker in one – the most treasured tool of our Maestro and sample maker.

Though modern-day technology facilitates fast, digital design delivery, we still prefer the 1:1 drawing on manifold paper and the personal exchange that allows for detailing, authenticity and human touch that computers simply cannot replicate.


Golden brass zippers are used throughout the Appearance, Legacy and Full-Grain Collections.

The Expression Collection features Excella gun-metal zippers.


The famous sailor hook seen here in our customised golden coating as well as in the gun-metal finish.

The accessories come to life when paired with the bridle leather and exclusive fabrics.

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