To many people the true legacy of Mismo is a cotton canvas bag. When launching the first fabric bags in 2008, we used a particular tight-woven cotton canvas article, a feature that helped bring Mismo bags to international attention. The premium canvas fabric was originally developed for the Italian military, underlining the durability and aesthetics of this fine and tight-woven canvas. 

After a four-year hiatus from this canvas during which we explored the technical capabilities of other materials, we are now reintroducing the cotton canvas line. We have set the scene for a line of bags that will stylishly accompany you as you navigate through life, whether casually dressed for urban exploration or for adventures at remote retreats in nature’s great outdoors.

Army/Dark Brown

Midnight blue/Cuoio



Cheyenne - herringbone weaving design bag M/S Explorer - Army/Dark brownM/S Soft work - khaki/black M/S pastime - Midnight blue/cuoio

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