Companions for life

About Mismo


There’s an essence of romance and companionship at the core of MISMO that is unique to the brand. What began back in 2003 as a love story and a simple idea to offer travellers and city dwellers a little timeless luggage versatility has since blossomed into one of Scandinavia’s most sought-after accessories labels with a profound presence in today’s contemporary luxury market.

Rooted in a Copenhagen mindset of freedom and flexibility, the first MISMO bags were launched in 2006. From the beginning, the signature was definite. Pieces that exude purpose and function – and pure-lined style. Crafted from premium materials that mellow with time and use, each bag tells its own story of the owner, by its wear and refined patina. 

Rather than dictating style, MISMO supports and accentuates individual style and personal expression across the spectrum, from masculine to feminine, from laidback to sophisticated. Reflecting you, the owner – as in the Spanish meaning of the word mismo (i.e. “same”), MISMO offers a blank canvas for your own adventures and storytelling.

Embracing nature’s seasons and beauty, our bags are made to last, age and evolve throughout life’s journeys. As a companion for life.

For purpose & Pleasure
Guided by modern living, MISMO bags are crafted using natural materials and designed for purpose and pleasure. A canvas for your storytelling, each bag will tell its own tale of travels and achievements, by its wear and refined patina.


Danish design ethos - MISMO bags balance simplicity with practicality. They are firmly based in the Danish design tradition for fine craftsmanship, uniting natural materials with refined details to create durable products that mellow with time.

Design trinity

Individuality and versatility  - MISMO bags accentuate individual style and personal expression, from masculine to feminine and across generations. They are designed to serve any occasion, whether everyday endeavour, city escape or countryside adventure. 


Aesthetic longevity - MISMO embraces considered consumption where we buy less, but better. We subscribe to aesthetic longevity, a philosophy that informs the shapes we design, the materials we choose and the quality of our craftsmanship.

"We embrace slow consumerism, reforming life on-the-go to the pace of mother nature."


Magical midsummer light suffuses the endless coastal dunescapes, while autumn is coloured in the earthy hues of clay-rich soils. A simple horizontal line separates the shimmering seas from the dynamics of the sky.

Our Nordic landscapes rarely give us clear and bright tones. Haze and dew affect the vision – our colours are broken into earthy, natural tones. These are the subdued hues in which our eyes find peace, recognisable to us from childhood. They inform the way we think, feel and design.

MISMO collections are guided by the natural materials that surround us, and by the mid-century Danish traditions for craftsmanship that have shaped and defined modern living in the Nordics.

Fuelled by daily routines, by our travels, people-watching on buzzy streets and the flutter of cyclists along the bike lanes, MISMO designs are coloured by the city we inhabit and the woodlands and wetlands that are always close at hand, in Copenhagen.

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