M/S Pouch

Grand Herringbone/Cuoio
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For iPad or small essentials Three inside pockets Unique Mismo jacquard Build for longevity
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M/S Pouch – Grand Herringbone/Cuoio
Designer's note

Designer's note

Large enough to hold an iPad and basically anything smaller. Padded to give a soft feel and add protection to what’s inside. Features three internal open pockets, two on the back side and one on the front side, large enough to hold an iPhone.


Length 30 cm
Height 22 cm
Width 1 cm
Volume 0 l

Large enough to hold an iPad and basically everything that's smaller. Foamed to give a soft feel and add to the protection of what's inside. Features three inside open pockets, two on the backside and one on the front side large enough to hold an iPhone.

Linen Jacquard

Grand Herringbone is named for the pronounced pattern of this contemporary interpretation of the herringbone weave, and for the classic age of the Grand Tour. A tactile, textured fabric for the modern luggage wardrobe that evokes a journeyed sense of elegance. Featured in monochromatic beige, Grand Herringbone is defined by rich texture and is paired with black bridle leather for an ageless yet modern interpretation. As with all our fabrics, the jacquard has undergone a water repellent treatment that makes it reject immediate stains and liquids.

Composition: LI 19% - VI 50% - PET 26% - PU 5% 

Martindale: 5.000 // Weight: 833 gr. per running meter

Solid brass with golden coating

Our hardware is chosen for its durability and therefore made from a base of solid brass material. To obtain a homogenous surface and to prevent the brass from oxidating over time, they've been give a special Mismo antique golden coating. We source all of our hardware from Italy, working with specific articles that we’ve been using and testing for more than 15 years. We only use classic hardware pieces that we know will stand the test of heavy daily wear, like the sailor hooks that appear in many of our designs.

Army colored

The lining used for our fabric bags is woven from a combination of polyester and viscose. We use this combination as it offers the best durability while still providing a soft and tactile handfeel.

Cuoio, vegetable tanned full grain bridle leather

Full grain is the best quality leather available, maintaining the top layer of the original cowhide intact and unaltered. This ensures that the leather is resistant and ages well, while also highlighting some of the natural characteristics of the grain, such as wrinkles, veins and pores. Bridle leather refers to the way that a piece of leather (cowhide) is treated with wax both on the flesh and grain sides of the leather. With a thickness of approx. 3mm, only the best grades of leather from older cattle can be used, as a certain age is required for the hide to attain the thickness and sturdiness necessary to become bridle leather.

Hand polished YKK Excella zippers

Renowned Japanese company YKK has been producing zippers since 1934. We exclusively use their best zipper available, the Excella zippers. The YKK Excella is the Rolls Royce of zippers, with every element, down to the teeth, perfected and hand-polished. A smooth zipper is indispensable to a well-made bag, after all it should add utility, beauty and longevity to the bag rather than taking away from it.
M/S Pouch – Grand Herringbone/Cuoio


Easily holds an iPad or iPad Air
I have been a Mismo customer for many years… and there’s a reason for that. It’s the quality of the product. From the materials used, the meticulous construction, the attention to detail, the classic understated design to the customer service, all of these points will keep you coming back time and time again.
- Matthew, West PalmBeach, US
Mismo offers me the unpretentious sophistication that I look for in my everyday wardrobe with pieces branded not by logos, but by an overall aesthetic consisting of beautiful materials and simple designs intertwined with incredible functionality. Their attention to detail not only creates high performance bags, but versatile pieces as well; several of the bags I have include multiple carrying options through adjustable straps to transition seamlessly from handbag to backpack depending on my carrying needs. Seldom do I leave home without a Mismo bag whether it is to work, shopping, or travelling.
- Leif Kristian, SaintPaul, US
Mismo is everything the discerning could hope for. Sizing, function and materials come together in a storm, enabling ones daily life to be stylish and fluid. My Mismo shopper in black full-grained leather is the epitome of style, elegance, attitude, durability, practicality and function. Size is perfect, handle lengths perfect, look and materials are perfect. It makes me… better.
- Justin, Haywards Heath, UK

Our story

Rooted in a Copenhagen mindset of freedom and flexibility, MISMO offers passionate travellers and city dwellers a timeless world of Nordic simplicity and everyday luxury. Our luggage collections are made to lift and support you through daily endeavours, city escapes and countryside adventures.

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