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Into the deep/Black

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Our largest weekender Perfect for lengthy travels Trusted travel companion Unique Mismo jacquard
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M/S Explorer - Into the deep/Black
M/S Explorer - Into the deep/Black M/S Explorer - Into the deep/Black
Designer's note

Designer's note

The M/S Explorer was introduced in Spring 2012 as our first serious travel bag, and it’s still the most spacious weekender in the collection. The inspiration for the bag came from simply strapping a leather belt around another bag which we had wrapped in a new, intriguing army green canvas. The expression and mix of materials was so pure and raw. We kept the belt buckle feature to be able to close the bag tightly and designed the handles with an extra, wider piece of leather underneath adding durability and vigour. The rest we tried to keep simple – aside from the bottom leather grid obviously. Simple at first hand – complex when you take a closer look.


Length 60 cm
Height 30 cm
Width 30 cm
Volume 54 l

As the name suggests, this bag calls for a serious adventure. The M/S Explorer contains ample interior space to hold all the essentials (whatever they may be) for a couple of weeks in the wilderness. Use the handles to carry the bag by hand, over the shoulder or as a backpack or use the detachable shoulder strap if the bag is filled to the maximum. The bag features two outside pockets, an inside pocket in each gusset closed with a leather strap, and an inside zip pocket.

Camo Jacquard

A refined and understated camouflage jacquard in a deep base colour with hints of green and black, depending on light and shadow, and with sartorial internal patterns that peak the interest of a playful eye. Paying homage to the mystique of the forest deep and what lies beneath, the real secret lies in the dense texture of the fabric that represents different weaving techniques within the jacquard. Although defined by its subdued camouflage motif, the fabric invests real star quality in its herringbone weave designed with tones of green and black. Like the weaving pattern itself, the composition of yarns offers great complexity with yarns of cotton mixed with recycled nylon and polyester used to achieve the optimal level of tactility, durability and responsibility. Naturally, it also features the Mismo water-repellent coating.

Composition: PA 42% - PL 22% - CO 32% - PU 4% 

Martindale: 10.000 // Weight: 786 gr. per running meter

Solid brass with gunmetal coating

Our hardware is chosen for its durability and therefore made from a base of solid brass material. For the Into The Deep Jacquard, we've given the hardware a sleek gunmetal coating for a more subdued look. We source all of our hardware from Italy, working with specific articles that we’ve been using and testing for more than 15 years. We only use classic hardware pieces that we know will stand the test of heavy daily wear, like the sailor hooks that appear in many of our designs.

Army colored

The lining used for our fabric bags is woven from a combination of polyester and viscose. We use this combination as it offers the best durability while still providing a soft and tactile handfeel.

Black, vegetable tanned full grain bridle leather

Full grain is the best quality leather available, maintaining the top layer of the original cowhide intact and unaltered. This ensures that the leather is resistant and ages well, while also highlighting some of the natural characteristics of the grain, such as wrinkles, veins and pores. Bridle leather refers to the way that a piece of leather (cowhide) is treated with wax both on the flesh and grain sides of the leather. With a thickness of approx. 3mm, only the best grades of leather from older cattle can be used, as a certain age is required for the hide to attain the thickness and sturdiness necessary to become bridle leather.

Hand polished YKK Excella zippers

Renowned Japanese company YKK has been producing zippers since 1934. We exclusively use their best zipper available, the Excella zippers. The YKK Excella is the Rolls Royce of zippers, with every element, down to the teeth, perfected and hand-polished. A smooth zipper is indispensable to a well-made bag, after all it should add utility, beauty and longevity to the bag rather than taking away from it.
M/S Explorer - Into the deep/Black


No dedicated laptop compartment but plenty of space to fit it all!
I have been buying your products for several years, discovering them years ago at Barneys, New York. They are the best-designed products ever seen, a balance between contemporary design and classic shapes. Thanks. The last bag I bought, the M/S Something is exceptional.
- Marco, New York, USA
I have used many MISMO products and I’ve found that they are of very high quality, very well made and durable.
- Maharindo, Kalgoolrie, Australia
I bought my Mismo bag just a couple of months ago, and it's truly been a very pleasant experience. Sturdy, convenient and with a great design, a perfect bag to own for years to come. Delivered without problems in nice packing. Highly recommend it.
- José, Allicante, Spain

Our story

Rooted in a Copenhagen mindset of freedom and flexibility, MISMO offers passionate travellers and city dwellers a timeless world of Nordic simplicity and everyday luxury. Our luggage collections are made to lift and support you through daily endeavours, city escapes and countryside adventures.

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