Design Philosophy

Refined Classics for the Astute Traveller

Our day-to-day takes us on diverse paths; often in novel directions. Each such experience is shaped by what we choose to embrace or disregard. This selective mindset should be supported by the right utilities, accessories that are both steadfast and versatile.

MISMO provides modern wayfarers with the ultimate companion. Firmly rooted in Danish design traditions with the utmost appreciation for classic craftsmanship our studio provides singular items to stow and carry personal belongings comfortably. Whether rugged or polished, laid-back nomad or thriving cosmopolite, MISMO aspires to equip all with pragmatism and elegance.

Form and function is influenced by our appreciation for timeless design, durable natural materials and performance. Our bags merge robust fabrics, lush premium leathers with high endurance zips, brass hardware and graphic textures. Each piece exists purposefully, nothing more, nothing less. MISMO designs embrace the synergy between aesthetics and purpose.

The understated Mismo universe is founded on the premises that classic design fosters contemporary compositions. Embracing natures seasonal shifts and aesthetics our pieces are made to last, age and evolve throughout life’s journeys.


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