Full Grain Leather

The vegetable tanned full-grain leather is custom developed for Mismo using only the finest quality natural hides. Full-grain leather has a character all its own, often displaying natural markings that lend beauty and refinement to the patina of this top quality material. Possible marks and scratches are to be seen as a natural part of the leather/product and cannot be regarded as a fault.

Mismo is deliberately using leather, which has been through as few chemical processes as possible. Due to the natural dying process of the leather, it may vary in colour and texture, which is to be seen as a natural part of the products history.

Over time, sunlight, oils and other factors will burnish the Mismo bag, rendering it an individual patina that only adds to its beauty. With proper care and maintenance, a Mismo bag will provide you with years of vibrant and durable performance. The best way to care for the full-grain leather and your Mismo product is simply to use it, but always do so with care. Full-grain leather is a sturdy and hard-wearing natural material that can last for many years but it does have limits. Therefore avoid extreme temperatures, overly harsh use and direct contact with wet and moist surfaces.

We recommend treating full-grain leather with leather conditioner when necessary. Leather conditioner provides moisture to keep the leather supple and ensure that it does not dry out, fade or crack. Treatment with leather conditioner will also impart a richer lustre and deeper colour to full-grain leather while keeping it free of impurities.



Bridle Leather

We use bridle leather for handles and trimmings on the majority of our fabric and for accessories such as belts and key hangers. Our bridle leather is vegetable tanned, custom-developed in Turkey and is simply the best leather available for our purposes. 

The best way to clean Bridle Leather is to wipe it gently with a soft damp cloth, then allow it to dry naturally. Applying a little leather balm or neutral wax polish once in a while will help protect and nourish the leather so that your product will last for many years to come. To care for your Bridle Leather, avoid extreme temperatures, rough handling and direct contact with wet and moist surfaces. If it does get wet, leave it out to dry naturally and away from direct heat sources. Once dry, check for any water marks and apply a little polish or leather balm if necessary.

Over time, rubbing and friction can cause slight de-pigmentation as the top layers of waxes and colored finishes rub off. This is unfortunately inevitable with constant use. However, the leather will also darken slightly and acquire a unique patina through use, which should give your leather goods even more character.


All of our fabrics are sourced from Europe, with renowned, century-old Italian producer, Limonta acting as our main supplier. Since our launch in 2006, we have worked with more than 100 fabrics, continuously experimenting with different weavings and yarns in order to offer luggage that is both distinctive and well-made. This has given us incredibly insights into the capabilities of fabrics, ranging from natural cotton canvases to bullet proof nylons, and custom-developed jacquard weavings.

All Mismo fabrics feature a water-repellent coating that makes the fabric resistant to immediate stains and drops. However, only our nylon and polyester based articles can be considered 100% waterproof. 

Should your Mismo pick up any marks while accompanying you, use a lightly dampened cloth or sponge with a little soap and water to clean off marks on the fabric and allow it to dry naturally.