Our State of Mind

There will be no Black Friday campaign from Mismo this year or going forward. Black Friday is no longer just a date; it is a season. And also a state of mind. 

But our state of mind is different. 

Few producing fashion & design companies can proclaim sincere CO2 neutrality or boast positively contributing to combating climate change. Nor can Mismo. But our values are crystal clear in regards to the overproduction and the overconsumption, that drive our industry and which are the main barriers to a more sustainable life on this planet.  

Black Friday encourages an overconsumption that is highly questionable at best, devastating at worst. The amount of goods produced only to be offered at "reduced" prices during Black Friday not only depletes our planet of natural resources, it also perpetuates an annual consumer culture. We are lured by social media and advertising into a consumer frenzy where we crave more and more - although our wardrobes and homes are already saturated.

We believe in surrounding yourself with few, high-quality and well-made objects and in embracing a much ore considered way of consuming where we buy less, but better. Before making a new purchase, we all need to dwell and ask ourselves if new products are truly what we need - and what the consequence is of just buying more. 

At Mismo, like many other brands, we have embarked on the journey towards reducing the environmental footprint of the products we create, by reducing plastic usage and applying recycled and organic materials everywhere possible in the product journey, from product to packaging. But what remains our lodestar is not only a distant dream of circular sustainability but the ethics of everyday business.

First and foremost we strive to create products that breath longevity. The longer the lifecycle, the less environmental impact. Our products exude purpose and function - and pure - lined style. They are crafted using natural materials that mellows from wear and tear. And they are assembled in a process that seeks to balance the durability of classic craftsmanship with modern-day manufacturing. In short, aesthetic sustainability is a far as we can stretch it. 

Our ethics dictate the pace with which we run our business. Obsessive growth is not a measure for quality of life. It does not reflect the way we treat each other, our employees and the people working with us throughout our supply chain. For what is the ethic of a business that applies pressure to make everyone run faster in a constant pursuit for growth? We have always believed in building long-term relations over short-term profit. Therefore, we work with a select few suppliers and producers. Most of which are family run businesses that we have proudly been working with for a decade. We know the people behind our materials and the ethics under which they are produced. Relationships nurtured by a human trust and a common interest in growing and developing together, with the aim of delivering the best possible products. 

We produce in balanced and measured quantities. It happens that classic styles sell out faster than expected and are out of stock for a period. So be it. We do not rush our production and fly home products express to serve an immediate demand. Waiting for a special, covered piece to arrive also has its charm and reward.

In a digitalised landscape full of algorithms, chatbots and automated procedures we strive to offer a human touch to everything we do. Especially when it comes to customer support. Whether it is offering advice on a fabric, assisting with a delivery gone, we stand by our products and happily engage in dialogue with our customers on any issues with the bags -which does occasionally happen - whether 1, 3 or 7 years after purchase. We always repair when possible, extending the life of your bag and your memories. And we always do so through mutual dialogue and shared respect. 

We have faith in the value of our products. This December, we celebrate 15 years anniversary. 15 years of passionate and unison feedback from loyal customers, many of whom not owning one but a full fleet of Mismo products, seeing the trough everyday endeavours as well as long-distance adventures. 

We are grateful for our community and the loyalty you keep showing us by coming back and sharing the love for the products we create. If you feel now is the time t elevate your carrying needs or add to your existing family, we are here to serve you. If you wish to wait and squeeze the last performance out of your current daily companion, we plan on sticking around until you feel it´s time. But most importantly, we believe you should not be left sitting with a hallow feeling of potentially missing out on a snap bargain - during Black Friday or anytime beyond. 


Rikke, Adam & the team 

Your bag