For Those Who

For Those Who


These are such travel-loving people whom we could easily picture meticulously planning grand train journeys for hours and days, checking every detail of yet-to-be-explored landscapes. Such a journey sparks a special kind of romance in rail aficionados. To them, it’s a chance to spend time and explore new thoughts with complete strangers, while window sceneries whisk by.

For such a traveller, we recommend finding a trustworthy gift that will age with elegance and inspire new adventures by rambling rail.

All aboard - in 2023!

Shopper, Leather - Tabac/Cuoio

Shopper, Leather

Out of stock
Tabac/Cuoio — Leather
Low in stock
M/S Supply – Army/Dark brown

M/S Supply

€0 EUR €825 EUR
Army/Dark brown — Canvas
Belt Bag - Leather, Tabac

Belt Bag

€0 EUR €340 EUR
Leather, Tabac — Leather
M/S Mega Tote – Army/Cuoio

M/S Mega Tote

€0 EUR €600 EUR
Army/Cuoio — Canvas
Only 1 left
Protector 14" - Tabac

Protector 14"

€0 EUR €315 EUR
Tabac — Leather
M/S Holdall – Army/Dark Brown

M/S Holdall

€0 EUR €575 EUR
Army/Dark Brown — Canvas
M/S Backpack – Army/Cuoio

M/S Backpack

€0 EUR €575 EUR
Army/Cuoio — Canvas
Travel Wallet - Tabac

Travel Wallet

€0 EUR €215 EUR
Tabac — Leather
M/S Washbag – Army/Cuoio

M/S Washbag

€0 EUR €250 EUR
Army/Cuoio — Canvas
Classic Belt – Dark Brown

Classic Belt

€0 EUR €100 EUR
Dark Brown — Leather
Key Hanger – Dark Brown

Key Hanger

€0 EUR €50 EUR
Dark Brown — Leather
M/S Haven - Army/Dark brown

M/S Haven

€0 EUR €490 EUR
Army/Dark brown — Canvas
Mate, Leather - Tabac/Cuoio

Mate, Leather

€0 EUR €665 EUR
Tabac/Cuoio — Leather
Cards - Tabac


€0 EUR €70 EUR
Tabac — Leather
M/S Verve – Army/Cuoio

M/S Verve

€0 EUR €490 EUR
Army/Cuoio — Canvas
M/S Pouch Large - Shades of Dune/Cuoio

M/S Pouch Large

€0 EUR €150 EUR
Shades of Dune/Cuoio — Jacquard
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