close up and private // mismo


Exploring our shared passion for modern classics and clean aesthetics, we've teamed up with the multi talented artist Sergei Sviatchenko and his family run project, Close Up and Private, to make a very limited capsule collection. The collection features two variations of one or most iconic styles, the M/S Shopper. The M/S Shoppers are both adorned with collage artwork by Sergei Sviatchenko, and comes in CUAP Blue/Black and CUAP Grey/Cuoio.

The two versions are only produced in an edition of 25 pieces each, and are individually embossed with numbers.

About the collaboration, Sergei Sviatchenko says: "My first encounter with Mismo was in the fall of 2008 and it sparked a powerful momentum. I observed the bags' effortless simplicity, always constructed with severe quality. I liked their appearance then and I like it now. To me, MISMO simply fuses functionalism and quality. Furthermore, by adding their knowledge of durability to very traditional fabrics, MISMO bags also have a “collectable” value." As an artist, I work a lot with collages. Through these, I see the world as a kaleidoscope of “cut offs”. The images chosen for our collaboration reflect the utility found in the simplest solutions and wholly support the understated individuality of MISMO accessories."


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