M/S Endeavour

King's Green/Black

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Best-selling briefcase Offers optimal organisation Holds up to 16" laptop Exclusive Mismo Jacquard
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M/S Endeavour –  King's Green/Black
M/S Endeavour –  King's Green/Black M/S Endeavour –  King's Green/Black
M/S Endeavour –  King's Green/Black

M/S Endeavour

King's Green/Black
€0 EUR €665 EUR
Free shipping within EU
Designer's note

Designer's note

A compelling briefcase designed with double-zipped twin compartments for purposeful and well-considered organisation. A trolley-fastening solution in bridle leather allows the briefcase to stylishly accompany you wherever your wanderlust and business may take you.


Length 40 cm
Height 30 cm
Width 10 cm
Volume 12 l

M/S Endeavour is designed with double-zipped twin compartments. The first with a foamed 16” laptop storage pocket paired with two opposing open pockets for small-scale essentials. The second with an interior zipped pocket next to a small slide-down pocket. A hidden snap pocket between the two main compartments is the perfect home for eyewear, travel papers and all those daily essentials. A large snap-buttoned extra compartment on the front of the bag holds an inside leather pocket for your phone or wallet. Ready to roll, a backside trolley-fastening solution in bridle leather completes the briefcase design.

Checkered cotton & nylon jacquard 

With an aristocratic bent, this Italian cotton and nylon jacquard brings to mind scenes from the king’s hunt and other bucolic escapades in the royal woods. Alternating hues of forest green form an elegant checked pattern that is at once elevated and subtle. We’ve paired the fabric with black vegetable-tanned, full-grain bridle leather for a look that can only be called noble. As with all our fabrics, the King's Green has undergone a water repellent treatment that makes it reject immediate stains and liquids.

Composition: CO 40% - PL 48% - PA 12%

Martindale: 10.000 // Weight: 810 gr. per running meter

Solid brass with golden coating

Our hardware is chosen for its durability and therefore made from a base of solid brass material. To obtain a homogenous surface and to prevent the brass from oxidating over time, they've been give a special Mismo antique golden coating. We source all of our hardware from Italy, working with specific articles that we’ve been using and testing for more than 15 years. We only use classic hardware pieces that we know will stand the test of heavy daily wear, like the sailor hooks that appear in many of our designs.

Army colored

The lining used for our fabric bags is woven from a combination of polyester and viscose. We use this combination as it offers the best durability while still providing a soft and tactile handfeel.

Black, vegetable tanned full grain bridle leather

Full grain is the best quality leather available, maintaining the top layer of the original cowhide intact and unaltered. This ensures that the leather is resistant and ages well, while also highlighting some of the natural characteristics of the grain, such as wrinkles, veins and pores. Bridle leather refers to the way that a piece of leather (cowhide) is treated with wax both on the flesh and grain sides of the leather. With a thickness of approx. 3mm, only the best grades of leather from older cattle can be used, as a certain age is required for the hide to attain the thickness and sturdiness necessary to become bridle leather.

Hand polished YKK Excella zippers

Renowned Japanese company YKK has been producing zippers since 1934. We exclusively use their best zipper available, the Excella zippers. The YKK Excella is the Rolls Royce of zippers, with every element, down to the teeth, perfected and hand-polished. A smooth zipper is indispensable to a well-made bag, after all it should add utility, beauty and longevity to the bag rather than taking away from it.
M/S Endeavour –  King's Green/Black


Foamed 16” laptop storage pocket in one of the twin main compartments.
Just wanted to say that I adore your products, especially your Endeavour briefcases and the newly launched herringbone design. The designs are simple yet so functional, and speaks volumes of your focus on understated elegance and importantly, utility. The workmanship is also impeccable. Keep up the excellent work, keep designing elegant and functional products. Stay safe!
- Elaine, Singapore
The product, that I had the pleasure to buy, is definitely more than a simple briefcase. It is the game changer in my daily life. I was looking for a practical bag to make my office mobile. Thanks to you, I received a lifestyle briefcase that met my expectations in 100% - looks great and stay timeless. It was a good idea to trust you in this case. I will definitely continue to be a part of the MISMO community by increasing the bags collection.
- Waldemar, Warsaw, Poland
I have always been a fan of tote bags since I was in university. I have tried many brands including luxury brands that are made here in Canada. My problem is I couldn’t really find any bag that has my style and has superb durability. I am so lucky that I found Mismo and every penny is worth it! I usually switch from one tote to another but I haven’t switched bags since I got my Mismo! Another good thing about the Mismo M/S Shopper compared to other tote bags is it has a nice shape to it even if its too full or almost empty! Now that I have tested this brand for almost a year now, I am now ready to get some more Mismo bags!
- R.Reyes, Calgary, Canada
I have acquired several Mismo bags over past few years, they have all proven to be timeless and trusted companions through their outstanding quality and design. They are versatile enough for most occasions, making them an indispensable part of my daily wardrobe.
- Pascal, Berchem, Belgium
I have been a Mismo customer for many years… and there’s a reason for that. It’s the quality of the product. From the materials used, the meticulous construction, the attention to detail, the classic understated design to the customer service, all of these points will keep you coming back time and time again.
- Matthew, West PalmBeach, US

Companions for life

Rather than dictating style, MISMO supports and accentuates individual style and personal expression across the spectrum, from masculine to feminine, from laidback to sophisticated. Reflecting you, the owner – as in the Spanish meaning of the word mismo (i.e. “same”), MISMO offers a blank canvas for your own adventures and storytelling.
M/S Endeavour M/S Endeavour

M/S Endeavour

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