Piscine Jacquard

Pool designer bags

The most significant fabric introduction for the season is without doubt our unique nylon jacquard exclusively developed by Mismo in collaboration with Limonta. Let us present Piscine. The design of the fabric takes its inspiration from the water surface of a pool on a hot summer day where sunlight is reflected in the small ripples of the water. The nylon yarns used for the jacquard weaving provide a unique merge of sporty looks and sartorial feel, perfectly placing it in the expression collection. The fabric is built on the same recipe as our moonlight blue fluffy nylon, bonded to an equally thin nylon article with foam in between to give it a light and airy feel. At just 373 grams per running meter, this bold fabric ensures a light carry too.


Body: Double bonded jacquard nylon
Fabric Composition: 7% PUR 20% PES 73% PA /  373g pr. meter
Trimmings:  Custom developed black vegetable tanned full-grain bridle leather  
Lining:  100% cotton - Grey
Hardware:  Gunmetal - Solid brass with varnish protection 
Zipper:  YKK Excella

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