Mismo for Presidents

It is embedded in our philosophy to engage in innovative collaborations. For Autumn Winter 2016-17, we’ve teamed up with Italian menswear outfitters PRESIDENT’S for a small and exclusive capsule collection. The collection celebrates Italian elegance and Nordic functionality, framed in a contemporary setting. Sharp lines, a unique eye for detail and a patient quest for supreme materials, truly marks our dialogue with PRESIDENT’s

The MISMO for PRESIDENT'S collection captures the unique identities of both brands elegantly. Together, they forge a strong bond between product and wearer. Each sophisticated design is created to accommodate the agile explorer: a sturdy backpack, a sleek tote, a functional pouch and an expressive card holder. The exteriors feature MISMO's classic cotton-nylon canvas, developed exclusively with the Limonta atelier, which is paired with locally sourced, vegetable tanned Tuscan leathers by PRESIDENT'S. Mismo’s solid brass finishes, allude to the insightful interior, with flexible pockets and compartments, lined with the iconic PRESIDENT'S crisply striped cotton. Together these shape the contours of a capsule collection, rich in both tactility and composure. Each piece celebrates traditional craftsmanship through the lens of sartorial modernity.

PRESIDENT'S, first founded in Florence 1957, came to life when creative director Guido Biondi brought the brand back to the market in 2010. Designed for a contemporary gentleman, PRESIDENT'S lets streetwear and Italian traditional know-how come together in collections aiming at creating modern classics Made in Tuscany.

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