Mismo Lightweight Black/Black

The LightWeight Black nylon fabric gives way to a sporty and flexible feel, and is the essence of the expression collection.  A thin laminated layered nylon, with foam padding, gives this smooth fabric a wavy surface and ultra-light composition, making it easy to carry around all day. Naturally, it also offers a most remarkable protection against any weather type. The choice of this particular nylon confidently assures the bags’ durability.


Body: Double-bonded, lightweight nylon & Ballistic nylon (waterproof)
Fabric Composition:
LWBlack: PA 47% PL 46% PU 7% / 373 gram per meter
Black: PA 64% PL 19%  PU 17% / 945 gram per meter
 Black - Vegetable tanned full-grain bridle leather
Lining:  100% cotton - Grey
Hardware:  Gunmetal - Solid brass with varnish protection
Zipper:  YKK Excella


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