Crispy Blue

An intense navy color presented in our technical lightweight 100% nylon fabric bearing resemblance to traditional sailcloth fabrics. Treated with a water repellency coating, this fabric is waterproof, highly durable and changes tactility according the weather conditions surrounding it. Crispy blue is a seasonal part of the appearance collection. Warm and dry conditions will enhance the rigidity and crispy feel of the fabric whereas wet and humid weather will soften the fabric. Paired with black or dark brown bridle leather, solid brass hardware and ton-sur-ton navy cotton lining.


Body:  Lightweight structured nylon
Fabric Composition:  PA 100%  /  434g pr. meter
Trimmings:  Custom developed vegetable tanned full-grain bridle leather 
Lining:  100% cotton - Navy
Hardware:  Solid brass with varnish protection
Zipper:  YKK Excella

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