The Coal canvas is a well-tested fabric that we have used several times before. Forest Night and Ocean Blue from previous collections may ring a bell for some. Set on a cotton warp and nylon weft, the fabric offers the better of two worlds: the tactility of the cotton and the durability of the nylon. Add to that a soft backing, which gives the fabric the perfect weight to ensure a strong and natural draping. The hue has great depth and won’t fade much over time due to the nylon. We believe this is the ideal black fabric for luggage and will be surprised if it doesn’t become a true classic. We at least intend to keep it. Paired with black bridle leather and solid brass accessories, Coal canvas is ready to enjoy a permanent standing in the Legacy Collection


Fabric Composition: PA 47% PL 20% CO 20% PC 6% PU 7% - 812 gr/rm.
Trimmings: Custom developed vegetable tanned full-grain black bridle leather 
Lining: Brown - 100% cotton
Hardware: Solid brass with varnish coating 
Zipper: YKK Excella


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