In the Details: M/S Drawstring

M/S Drawstring



The elevation of a style through its fabric and technical elements is a fascinating thing. There is a certain satisfaction in taking a style like the drawstring bag, which has traditionally been an inexpensive gym or carryall bag, and raising it to a new standard, injecting thought and luxury into its every element.  


Moonlight Blue

M/S Drawstring - Beluga

Beluga Green

M/S Drawstring - Golden Camel

Golden Camel

M/S Drawstring - Camo Jacquard/Black

Camo Jacquard

In many ways, the M/S Drawstring represents the ethos of Mismo, the act of refining and elevating. With the design of this drawstring bag, we focused on every single element that goes into the style and executed them at the highest possible level. We worked with four different suppliers from Italy, all experts within their fields, delivering everything from the strong but lightweight double-bonded nylon from Limonta, the highest quality nylon woven strings sourced from Domodossola, gun-metal eyelets from ALCE, and the two-coloured nylon webbings delivered by Nastro, to bring about the M/S Drawstring.

Lightweight nylon - Camel & Moonlight 

Lightweight nylon - Camel & Moonlight 


The M/S Drawstring is a silhouette which favours those who are on the go. It inspires and supports movement, allowing for the quick stowaway of whatever items you have on hand. As with any Mismo bag, convenience and function reign supreme. The lightweight double-bonded nylon doesn’t trade its lightness for durability, and paired with classic two-tone sailor rope, the wearer is ensured a reliable and comfortable fit. The luxury of the fabric and materials coupled with the clean lines and casual silhouette, ensure that this bag is versatile, fitting in wherever you go.


Lightweight nylons -  Camel & Moonlight blue




The M/S Drawstring inspires and supports movement - all materials that goes into this bag are highly technical but still represent a sophistication and quality that you rarely find in sporty lines. This style is the quintessential Expression style, encapsulating the mood and DNA of the Expression collection. In a word, this bag will take you where you need to go.

M/S Daypack - Moonlight Blue/Black