The Expression Collection - SS17

M/S Express - Black-Black

New product ideas are brought to life by observing how people around us and we ourselves travel and move around. How leisure time blends in with working life, how one can be at the gym in the morning, in the office at daytime in transit during afternoon and dining in a foreign Metropol by night. We strive to develop bags that ease and enhance this transition from one scene to the other. Sometimes one bag can manage all activities, but other times you need more options to manage your daily doings and reach your destination in style and strength.

M/S Helmet Bag - LWBlack/Black

The "Expression" collection revolves around products and fabrics targeted individuals who express themselves through an active lifestyle and for whom every little detail counts, down to the very choice of fabric. The "Expression" collection is quite simply for the travelling creative, who appreciates the small adventures in life and demands exquisite durability and high-performance fabrics.

M/S Challenge - LWBlack/Black

The Collection is build around our classic, heavy-duty black ballistic Nylon with Spring/Summer 17 marking the introduction of three exquisite fabrics, all individual and expressive in their own way. The crispy, lightweight Burgundy nylon, our technical, double bonded LWBlack nylon and finally the personal touch of Khaki Passage, our custom developed cotton jacquard. The collection celebrates our most sporty and technical fabrics and the silhouettes most suitable to go with these materials.

The Black heavy-duty nylon has been a steady part of the overall collection for the past four years and is a permanent member of the Expression Collection.

And it’s easy to understand why it has become a customer favourite. A minimalist dream with the hardwearing black ballistic nylon against the black bridle leather and gunmetal hardware, it offers a distinct contemporary look hard to beat. The fabric is a tight-woven, structured nylon weave, also referred to as ballistic nylon, and with its 862 gr. per running meter it is one of the heaviest fabrics used across the collections. It offers an outstanding natural protection against any kind of Nordic weather situation.

Composition: PA 64% PL 19% PU 17%
Weight pr. running meter: 862 gram

Black Heavy-duty nylon

As insinuated in its name, LWBlack is a LigthWeight fabric. The lightest fabric presented in our collection at only 373 gr. per running meter, it gives way to a sporty and flexible feel. A thin double bonded nylon, with foam padding in between, gives this smooth fabric a wavy surface and ultra-light composition, making it easy to carry around all day. Naturally, it also offers a most remarkable protection against any weather type. The choice of this particular nylon confidently assures the bags’ durability.

In combination with our black, vegetable tanned full-grain bridle leather and with gunmetal hardware serving as detailing throughout, these styles are destined to move fast and silent through the metropolitan concrete jungles out there.

Composition: PA 47% PL 46% PU 7%
Weight pr. running meter: 373 gram


Khaki Passage is a customized jacquard weaved cotton canvas exclusively developed by Mismo in close collaboration with Italian textile manufacturer Limonta. Inspired by the Japanese boro weaving, the Khaki Passage offers myriads of new hues and internal patterns. Though being a cotton jacquard, it’s a fairly strong fabric boasting an additional 10% polyurethane (PU) added to its main cotton composition to give the fabric extra strength.

As with all our fabrics, it features a water repellency treatment and really emphasises the collections focus on seasonal developments and expressive patterns. Khaki Passage is offered in combination with the Expression collections signature black bridle leather and solid brass accessories.

Composition: CO 90%  PU 10%
Weight pr. running meter: 556 gram

Khaki Passage

The seasonal Burgundy fabric is the last member of the expression family for the season, offered in a crispy, lightweight nylon fabric that pays homage to traditional sailcloth fabric, exemplifying this collections target to satisfy those with an active lifestyle. A remarkable technical advantage of the fabric is that it changes tactility according to the weather conditions affecting it. Warm and dry conditions will enhance the rigidity and crispy feel of the fabric whereas wet and humid weather will soften the fabric. Waterproof by nature and paired with dark brown bridle leather, solid brass hardware and grey cotton lining.

Composition: PA 100%
Weight pr. Running meter: 434 gram