Q&A with Fredrik Risvik

Fredrik Risvik

The Scandinavian minimalism has been celebrated since the mid-century modernist cabinet-makers, furniture designers & architects showcased their products to the world, combing a clean aesthetic with functional design. This is deeply rooted in the mindset of the Scandinavians and the subject of this Q&A, Fredrik Risvik, is no exception.

Fredrik Risvik

Operating from the oil city of Stavanger in Norway, he has built a significant sized community on his Instagram-channel, documenting his stylish take on fashion, lifestyle and interior design. Fredrik gained our attention as he would often be carrying Mismo products on his photos. Over the years he has grown to become an internationally influential connaisseur, that dictates and communicates the simplistic look and lifestyle known from Scandinavia. Therefore we happily partnered up with him for Q&A to learn a bit more about him and his current projects.

What projects are you currently working on?
I’ve got lots of projects I juggle, so it’s a learning process to find out what is a good balance and what is too much. The thing I spend the most time on (at least in my head) is my brand. We are in the re-branding process due to legal issues with the name, so getting back on track with that alongside finalising the collection is exciting.

Fredrik Risvik Mismo

What is your drive?
I have always wanted to create something... when I was younger, I wanted to become a skateboard videographer/movie maker or work with clothing.
I believe having big goals pushes you to learn new things continuously and drives you forward. I just want to be a better me.
Name one thing or routine you have to do every day to get by?
I am picky about my morning grooming routines. (Facewash, toner, eye cream, face cream etc.) It makes me feel better and calms me down, almost therapeutic. If I can fit in a gym session before that I’m pretty happy! Afterwards I'll have a good breakfast with my girl before checking my «to do list».

Interior Fredrik Risvik

What are you looking for when you buy new products for your wardrobe?
I go for brands who makes the best version of each product and invests in timeless long-lasting pieces! I’m a sucker for good branding, and finding something that appeals to me is hard because there are so many brands producing high-quality products today. An example could be choosing one plain white tee from another because the neck label or swing tag ticked my box.

What is the most awesome place you’ve ever travelled to?
I would probably say Miami because of the incredible hotel experience we had there and as it was a vacation all about relaxing, it could not be any better. But then again I think the places you go to doesn’t matter that much; it’s all about who you travel with and the memories you share from that specific trip.

Fredrik Risvik Mismo

How many different bags do you regularly use in your daily life?
I got a big suitcase for more extended stays, the carry-on suitcase for 1-2 night stays (I’m terrible at packing, in the sense of overpacking. I hate not having the option to choose and I don’t plan any outfits). So a carry-on suitcase is the addition to another weekend bag for short trips. My tote bags are with me at all time, and I use two different sizes depending on the location. On trips, I tend to use a bigger tote which will fit my tripod, camera, laptop and small accessories. In my everyday life I'll go for the smaller tote.

Fredrik is sporting the M/S Shopper in this feature. Take a look at our full range of the style here.