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AW19 Campaign

AW19 Campaign

An exploration of autumnal tones and textures

Housed in a hidden courtyard near the Copenhagen harbour, we found the perfect backdrop for our AW19 campaign amongst woodworkers, craftspeople, musicians and nordic food nerds.  

In search of the ideal balance of Danish design heritage and Copenhagen community, we took to the streets of Copenhagen to find the perfect backdrop for our AW19 campaign. Here, housed in a hidden courtyard near the Copenhagen harbour, we found the perfect backdrop for our AW19 campaign with our friends and visionary cabinet makers at Københavns Møbelsnedkeri, as well as newly Michelin-starred Restaurant Alouette and the nostalgic workshop of ELVO (established in 1923). Amongst woodworkers, craftspeople, musicians and nordic food nerds we found our home for the season. Here, aesthetics and craftsmanship work side by side in a professional, yet relaxed atmosphere that beautifully captures the ethos of Mismo.  

As the melancholy of autumn takes hold, we celebrate the rich hues of falling leaves and the shades of nature’s green that darken with each passing day. If 'golden hour' were a season, this would be it. The warm embrace of Army or Khaki canvas paired with vegetable-tanned bridle leather and golden accessories. This is the season for sturdy canvases and soft leathers. Our seasonal Diamond Chevron jacquard juxtaposed with black bridle leather adds a striking contrast, while the Appearance Collection’s Navy nylon makes a brief cameo in our new Aviator weekend bag. For our AW19 campaign, we focused on our Legacy Collection, presenting both classic and new styles side by side in a setting that captures the mood of the season.

M/S Belt Bag, Army/Dark brown

M/S Drop Bag Army/Dark brown

M/S Capsule, Army/Dark brown - M/S Washbag, Khaki/Black - M/S Satchel, Coal/Black

                                                                                                            M/S Mate, Khaki/Black

                                    M/S Pouch Large, Khaki/Black & M/S Supply, Army/Dark brown

Protector, Tabac

M/S Backpack, Army/Cuoio & M/S Pouch Large, Diamond Chevron/Black

                                                                                        M/S Soft Work, Army/Cuoio

                            M/S Seaside, Army/Dark brown

M/S Office, Coal/Black

M/S Aviator, Navy/Dark brown

                                                                        M/S Utility, Khaki/Black

        Card Wallet, Black

Thanks and loads of love to everyone involved in our AW19 campaign:

Photographer: Anders Overgaard @andersovergaardphotography

Styling: Marie Graunbøl /Revolver Revolver: @mariegraunboel

Model: Jeppe Palmelund/Unique: @jeppehhh

Hair & Make up: Claudia Prins /Agentur: @prins_cp

Production: Agentur /Giuliani Merolli: @agentur_cph and The lab @thelabcph

Location: Københavns Møbelsnedkeri: @koebenhavns_moebelsnedkeri , Restaurant Aluette: @restaurantaluette and ELVO: @elvo_1923