Waxed Blues

M/S Flair Waxed Blues

A newcomer to the SS17 season is the Waxed Blues fabric, made from a light cotton chambray and given a gentle waxed coating. The light blue chambray with contrast cuoio coloured leather trim and brass accessories is a fabric destined for summer exploring. 

Haven Waxed Blues

The chambray fabric originates from the Flemish city of Cambrai that became a part of France in 1677. But the fabric has been used and known all the way since 1595, as work wear for the farmers in the region. The invention of the fabric itself dates back to around 1300, where a weaver named Jean-Baptiste Cambray developed it and later the city itself was given the name. Back then the chambray was praised for its lightweight and quality, preferred for fine shirts, underwear and infant wear.

M/S Collect Waxed Blues

In the 18th century, the imports of French cambric’s were forbidden to England due to the war, and the import of Indian cotton fabrics became popular instead. Later on, this exquisite fabric was, of course, to be reintroduced in England. Therefore placing the fabric in our legacy collection was indeed a match made in heaven, due to the heavy tradition this fabric boasts.

Capsule Waxed Blues

The chambray fabric is made with a colored yarn in the warp and a white yarn in the weft. Generally speaking, the chambray is a closely woven double-ply cotton, making it very soft and smooth, allowing the product to shape itself from use. Our Waxed Blues fabric will acquire a slightly darker patina over the use of time due to the waxed surface treatment it’s been given.

Waxed blues detail shot

At only 400 grams per running meter, the Waxed Blues fabric comes in at the lightest end of the weight scale for the SS17 fabrics. The fabric bears resemblance with light jeans fabrics due to the blue colourway but has a breezy summer feel to it.

Waxed blues wallets

Its easy-going appearance not only makes it an absolute stunner but also a casual choice for a field trip in the sun. We’ve adapted the chambray into a small capsule collection of lightweight tote bags, backpacks and smaller accessories. Lined with either navy cotton lining or itself (double layered) on styles where a little more hold is needed, we believe there should be something for everyone within this summer inspired collection.

M/S Escape Waxed Blues