Overcast Coated Cotton Canvas

 Mismo Overcast Grey Coated Cotton Canvas

The Overcast fabric is Scandinavia turning Autumn. As the clouds roll in late during the year and grow thicker, they create weaved tones of grey that fill out the sky as far as the eye can see. To capture this grey toning of the sky, the overcast fabric was a natural choice with its coated face side giving the cotton a deep grey tone.

Mismo M/S Soft Work - Overcast/Black

Mismo M/S Soft Work - Overcast/Black - Side photo


The material is a tight woven cotton canvas and since it's so reminiscent of the heavy clouds on the verge of rainfall we also coated it to make it water repellant. The coating properly protect ones belongings and the fabric itself to create a fine patina. This is definitely a material that will only get more rugged and beautiful the more you use it.

Selection of Overcast styles

We paired the Overcast fabric with vegetable tanned black bridle leather for a touch of timeless elegance. When matched together the grey tones creates a solemn calmness, and the black brings the combination to its subtle and graceful impression.


Mismo M/S Explorer - Overcast/Black

The Overcast fabric is neither dedicated to being casual or dressed. Since it's so subtle in grey and black, it doesn't stand out to much and rather accompanies something equally sensible. Therefore, we infused the fabric in a wide array of travel bags, briefcases, backpacks and accessories not to dictate its preferred use, whether laid back or modern stylish. 

Mismo M/S Shopper - Overcast/Black