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Using exquisite, durable fabrics has always been a cornerstone of the Mismo design philosophy since conceiving the brand ten years ago. The SS17 season welcomes the introduction of our sporty, double-bonded nylon in black. The fabric takes its natural place within the "Expression" collection and is our take on a lightweight daily companion, aesthetically pleasing to the eye with its wavy surface while providing protection for any kind of situation on the go.

But before going too deep into our own fabric let us rewind time and take a look at the history of Nylon.

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The first experiments with Nylon began back in the 1800s since there was a need for a replacement of silk. The silk prices were unstable as the production required the use of the silkworm - a living animal - which led to somewhat of an unstable supply. The Nylon fabric we know today was developed on February 28, 1935, by Wallace Hume Carothers at E. I. du Pont de Nemours and patented two years later. It was the first fiber to be made entirely synthetically: from carbon, water & air. Back then, Nylon was used for toothbrushes and not until 1939 it was to be used for garment production.

The first successful attempt to sell Nylon was in 1939, where the American company DuPont started an industrial production of their stockings.

M/S Escape - LWBlack-Black

During World War 2 nylon started to become largely popular, due to the use of military products such as parachutes, tents, ropes and tire. On May 15h 1940 the DuPont Company sold five million pairs of nylon stockings on one day, naming it N-day thereafter. DuPont coined the name Nylon for fibers made of polyamide with the aim of establishing a synonym for stockings. Today the fabric is widely celebrated and used both for military purposes, as well as garment production.

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The most important advantages of Nylon are that it is extremely durable, elastic and does withhold almost any test you put it up to on the daily journey. As a matter of fact, the polyamide is also used as a construction material because of its excellent strength and toughness.

M/S Escape - LWblack-black

Our LightWeight Black nylon carries exactly these aforementioned qualities, adding a distinct flexible feel to it. At just 373 gr. per running meter, the fabric is the lightest in our collection to date, resulting in bags that will leave you feel comfortable on the daily journey from the minute leaving home.

The highly versatile products offered in LWBlack consist of styles intended for the active city dweller always on the go, who values the technical qualities of the nylon and the wavy, sporty look the fabric offers to the silhouette. In combination with our black, vegetable tanned full-grain bridle leather and with gunmetal hardware serving as detailing throughout, these styles are destined to move fast and silent through the all the metropolitan concrete jungles out there.

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