Great Grey

Detail Shot Great Grey

There's something about the colour of grey that keeps growing on us. Grey is a non-colour or achromatic colour, which means that most times it doesn’t have any hue, just like black and white. This makes it a very neutral colour to work with and gives a wide variety of possibilities in combining it with other colours. It’s one of the reasons why Spring/Summer17 marks the fourth season in a row that we have a stable grey fabric in the collection. Grey is becoming a classic.

Mega tote - Great grey/Dark brown

But grey returns to the collection for further reasons. Our fascination and inspiration by the Scandinavian nature surrounding us is immense, and here the sky and clouds often leaves us with a vast spectrum of beautiful grey colours. So grey is almost ever present when turning our heads towards the sky. But grey also appear and blends in well with a suburban and metropolitan surrounding with rough or polished concrete.

Supply - Great grey/Dark Brown

We’ve paired the Great Grey canvas with dark brown bridle leather and brass hardware to add warmth and to create a balance against the colder grey tone. It makes the perfect companion to our classic Navy nylon colour and therefore finds its natural place within the Appearance collection.

If we take a closer look at the Great Grey, it has gotten a slightly brushed surface. The brushed surface creates a mélange mixture of grey colours so that the mien of the fabric varies slightly depending on the angle from which you observe it and how light falls upon it. There is a small battle of lightness and darkness within the mélange effect that gives an interesting surface.

Holdall - briefcase

Tactility is one thing, but durability and longevity are always invariable parameters when choosing new fabrics. There is a challenge within making a fabric that is the absolute most durable it can be, while at the same time also reflecting an instant exclusivity. Often the outcome is a sporty, durable nylon or a more delicate and sensible cotton. The Great grey takes the best from both worlds. At glance, the Great grey looks like a pure cotton canvas, but it’s a mixture of 74% cotton with an added 26% of polyester to create the desired durability in the material.

Backpack - Great grey/Dark brown

The end result is a very hard-wearing material, the ultimate companion for the longevity seekers and a gem for the patina lovers. With cotton being the dominating ingredient, every single product in Great Grey will further develop the patina given by the brushed surface over time and enhance the personal touch and look of this exquisite fabric.