The convertible M/S Market Tote

M/S Market Tote

The mild Spring temperatures are slowly approaching Scandinavia and the dark winter moodiness is about to be swept away by the warm breeze of longer and lighter days. Our life moves outdoor again and with that follows the need for clothes and accessories that allows you to freely move around. Being the daily grocery shopping, a trip to the park or en-route somewhere else, we imagined a bag that would give you the flexibility needed whether biking or walking from one hotspot to the other.

As such the M/S Market Tote we believe ticks all the boxes for a flexible yet stylish summer companion. A bag that lives up to the original meaning of the word tote bag, which derives from "to tote" - essentially “carrying” in the true meaning of the word. Furthermore, we hope to have provided a luxurious and elegant option for those who want to help to reduce the use of plastic bags in our grocery shopping for the sake of our beautiful planet.

We asked ourselves what functional demands would be present in a bag of this purpose. Agreeing that alternative ways of carrying would probably be the standout need for a tote bag supposed to accommodate you en-route whether on bike or foot we came up with a solution: A pair of leather straps running parallel through the front, bottom and backside provides stability to the bag and ends in a short pair of firm grap handles. Additionally the bag is equipped with two long detachable handles with a hook in each end that can be adjusted to needs using the four neatly positioned D-rings placed on the inside top border. Attach the handles to the D-rings horizontally for a shoulder hung option or turn into a backpack by closing the top part, connecting the D-rings vertically, hook on and connect the handle with the D-ring positioned in each backside corner.

An important focus was to consider the construction of the bag to be convertible with the use of lightweight fabrics. We wanted an end result that would be as light as possible knowing that a grocery shopping list, all the daily office gear, or bats and balls and other beach necessities eventually will add weight that can be heavy for even the most well-proportioned fitness corpus. Therefore the M/S Market Tote comes in our most lightweight fabrics for the season, still with the promise of durability and water repellency. Take the Burgundy or Crispy blue version for a crisp 100% nylon fabric that is strong as sailcloth and 100% waterproof, or the Waxed blues chambray with a breezy summer feel to it or go sporty with the LWBlack option, our thinnest nylon fabric laminated to itself with foam in between.

Rounding off the features of the M/S Market Tote we have to mention the compartments, which have also been given thoughtful consideration. Two outside slide down pockets on each gusset provides amble pocket spacing for personal belongings. The inside features a zip-closed pocket – that safe haven needed in an open tote bag - two slide down pockets below and opposite, an open and larger foamed pocket for your favourite relaxation, being fine literature, iPad browsing or the arty sketch book.

Compact in size, it still has a volume of 19 liters and is surely capable of keeping all the essentials safe and sound for a day on the run. The Market Tote is the perfect sidekick for an adventurous summer, prepared for any kind of situation on the go, and definitely one of the most versatile products we have created yet.