M/S Escape

M/S Escape - Navy/Dark Brown

The M/S Escape is our latest option for the growing clientele of style-savvy city commuters with a penchant for shoulder-held carry bags. It pays homage to the traditional cycling pack silhouette with its folded top and barrel shaped body. Reworked and refined through the Mismo lens to capture a city-casual, lightweight and sophisticated appearance.


Functional and durable silhouettes always inspire us and the cycling pack shape has proven to be one for decades. The use of bicycle messengers dates back to the 1860s when the first bikes were invented and used in the US. A bit more than a hundred years later in 1983 the concept finally made it to Europe, where London companies like "On Yer Bike" and "Pedal Pushers" changed the messenger industry, as this type of delivery was in high demand due to the heavy traffic situation in town. Today it remains an appreciated art of delivery, with the pedal over petrol slogan still being current to modern day climate issues and helping to solve metropolitan traffic jams.

M/S Escape - Navy/Dark Brown & Waxed Blues/Cuoio

The traditional roll top closure is often seen on cycling packs, however in our interpretation the top is gently closed and kept in place by two hidden magnetic buttons and a large D-ring that allows the pack to be securely closed via a buckle strap attachable to two smaller D-rings placed on the top backside and inside the front pocket.

M/S Escape - Burgundy/Dark Brown


One of the advantages of the classic cycling pack is the generous space it provides. After all, what is a great mean of transportation if you do not have storage for your deliveries? We have slimmed the overall size compared to the normal cycling packs to better match the needs for everyday commuting over messenger delivery service. But with a space of 17 liters, the M/S Escape has an excellent size for a day on – or off - the bike. The barrel shaped body offers great flexibility in its look. Stuffed to the fullest or half empty the pack sits well on the shoulders and looks naturally in its shape and draping.

On the front, we have added a large external “grocery” pocket plus an extra “slide-down” pocket behind the grocery pocket perfectly furnished for a route map or other field essentials. The mixed nylon-ribbon slash bridle-leather back strap ensures a greater flexibility in the movement of the straps and the wide and slightly padded leather panels offers optimal protection of the shoulders when worn. Inside features include a padded 13” laptop compartment to the back and opposite a small zip pocket and a spacious slide down pocket in the gusset.

M/S Escape - LWBlack - Crispy blue

M/S Escape is introduced in a selected few lightweight but highly durable fabrics this season. The all black version in our double bonded, sporty nylon is an urban ace in our own humble opinion. But the stand out fabric this Spring, the fabric in which the M/S Escape was specifically designed, is an almost non-woven, washed 100% nylon bearing resemblance to traditional sailcloth fabric. It is waterproof, highly durable and changes tactility according the weather conditions surrounding it. Warm and dry conditions will enhance the rigidity and crispy feel of the fabric whereas wet and humid weather will soften the fabric. Offered in two colours, Burgundy and Crispy Blue, the M/S Escape in this new nylon fabric will confidently keep you ahead of the pack this season. Enjoy the ride!

M/S Escape - LWBlack/Black