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M/S Goods Limited-Edition Shopper

M/S Goods Limited-Edition Shopper

A local collaboration





The newly-launched M/S Goods is a collaboration between Mismo and renowned menswear store Goods celebrating the ten-year anniversary of Goods as a destination for Copenhagen’s most stylish denizens. When two Danish brands that have garnered loyal followings for their distinctive commitments to functional design and luxury decide to collaborate, it’s worth noting. To celebrate this exciting launch, we sat down for an interview with Kasper Hostrup, the founder of Goods and Adam Alexander Bach, the co-founder and CEO of Mismo.



What prompted you to start Goods, Kasper?

“At the time, I had been in business for 10 years, first as an apprentice and then after that as a store manager and buyer for a multi-brand store in Copenhagen. Once I felt I’d amassed enough experience, I wanted to take everything I’d learned and use it on my own terms, in my own setting. I started Goods purely for myself. It wasn’t that I felt there was a gap in the market or anything more traditional like that, I just wanted to see if my way of doing things would resonate with the current consumer.”





You had the great pleasure of celebrating ten years of business this past August, as well as unveiling a refreshed store design by Danish architecture firm OEO. Why do you think business has been so good?

Kasper: “I think it’s because what we do is so niche. We have concerned ourselves with being very good, but on a small scale. We’re not attempting to master everything, but have instead focused in on our niche. I think people appreciate this specialization. We also put a lot of attention into customer service and personalising that service. We try to get to know our customers by name, we like to be able to ask them how their holidays went, how work is going... People appreciate a personal touch.”


Adam: “One could say that you are turning customers into clients, building relationships instead of simply conducting a transaction. This personal approach, and its accompanying attention to detail, is a basic service need that is often overlooked today. I think there is a desire among consumers to find respite from the fast-paced digital communication we face everyday. Being accessible and personal in your communication is definitely part of the key to a successful retail (and online!) presence. It’s what we strive for at Mismo, and Goods is one of the finest examples of this in the Danish retail landscape.”


Kasper: “Thanks… There is certainly a luxury in being greeted by name when you step into a shop, and an even greater luxury in being given wardrobe suggestions that really capture your personal style. At Goods, we focus on evolving the shop’s selection every season, keeping it fresh, but in a very subtle way. So season by season we evolve, but in a way that builds upon previous seasons. The same way that a person’s wardrobe subtly shifts season by season, so does our shop’s selection. Many of our customers come for this selection. We carry brands that can be found elsewhere, but we have curated our shop in a way that is unique to Goods. They know that they can trust the selection and know that whatever they go away with, it will fit seamlessly into their wardrobes. And of course, the quality of the products speak for themselves.”








Can you talk a little bit about the Goods x Mismo collaboration? What was the inspiration behind the design?

Adam: “First of all, we aimed to create a bag that could cater to the needs of the Copenhagen commuter – stylish and functional by its very nature. The inspiration is our M/S Shopper, one of the first Mismo bags Goods ever carried, and still one of the bags that both Kasper and I like the most. And as it so happens, as Goods celebrates 10 years, we celebrate 10 years with the Shopper, so it just felt right. The M/S Goods is a reinterpretation of the Shopper with some refined functionality to suit the urban sophisticate on the go, whether this is by bike, train, foot, what have you.”

“The Shopper is cherished by a lot of people, but it perhaps lacks a little of the organization that some crave. With this bag we focused on providing that organization, along with a refined and classic look. We added a large outside zip pocket on the front, with two larger slide-down pockets on the back of the bag, and three additional pockets inside. For the body of the bag we opted for a fabric that would be able to withstand the test of a person’s daily endeavors. Our classic hard-woven navy nylon ticked all the right boxes. It is one of our most durable fabrics, waterproof, has a broad appeal and is perfectly suited to Goods and their selection.”





Kasper: "Out of all of Mismo’s many fabrics and colorways, the navy nylon was the first we brought into the shop.”


Adam: "We added black bridle leather details and gunmetal accessories for a sharper, more modern look. And rather than bringing over the heavier removable leather shoulder strap from the Shopper, we wanted something that was in unison with the on-the-go aspect of the bag. For this, we added a webbing strap that does not detach, so people don’t need to make the decision as to whether or not to use the shoulder strap, it simply stays as an added support. Quietly co-branded with our signature Mismo logo rivet on the one side and the Goods logo embossed on the other, it’s a pared-back and elegant commuter bag.”


Kasper: "The M/S Goods shopper merges quality, function and good taste. It’s a bag for everyday use, perfectly suited to the daily bicycle commute to work, shopping or a weekend spent in any metropolitan city - being waterproof, it functions regardless of the weather.”



MS Goods Shopper Navy Nylon



Can you both talk a little about why you wanted to do a special development between Mismo and Goods?

Kasper: “It’s really about celebrating our ten year anniversary, about doing something extra to mark this milestone, offering the classic pieces that we’ve been selling over a long period of time, but with a little twist. Mismo has been along for a lot of the journey and it felt right to create something together.”


Adam: “This collaboration is a natural progression of the great relationship that we’ve had from the very beginning. We’ve been working together for five years now, starting with the small leather accessories. Slowly we’ve worked our way up expanding the selection to shopper tote bags, briefcases, travel bags and lately even the backpack. After five years, Goods has perhaps the widest selection of Mismo in any shop in Scandinavia. Making a limited-edition bag was the obvious next step.”



MS Goods Shopper Navy Nylon



Why is Mismo such a good fit for Goods and vice versa?

Kasper: “I don’t think Mismo really has any real competitors in the way that they do bags. The product is perfectly suited to our selection at the store, and after five years we still get very good feedback on the products. The products are extremely versatile and most can be used for both work and leisure, which is exactly the note we want to strike with our selection at Goods.”


Adam: “We live in Østerbro, and we cycle past Goods on the way to work every day. It’s always super inspiring to see different Mismo bags hanging in the window. It’s been a journey, and as we’ve worked towards building a global brand awareness, we’ve also seen it grow in our own little community and a large part of this is being carried at Goods. It’s incredibly humbling to see people on the streets wearing our bags and enjoying them, and because of Kasper and Goods we see this every day in Østerbro.”




MS Goods Shopper Navy Nylon




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