Forest Night Canvas

During the fall months, the earthy tones start to dominate the nature surrounding us. The transitional phase from late-summer to fall changes the colours of the landscape drastically in a very short time, offering continuous inspiration for new colour tones. For this Autumn Winter season we present the Forest Night hue as an elegant addition to our staple of army toned fabrics.  



Shopper forest night

M/S Shopper - Forest Night/Black

escape backpack forest

M/S Escape - Camel, Forest Night & Black/Black

Sprint backpack forest

M/S Sprint - Forest Night/Black

Adventurer forest night

M/S Adventurer - Forest Night/Black

Army has always been one of the backbones of our colour palette, due to the obvious sartorial qualities and military references it possesses. Any bag collection would be somehow unfulfilled without it. Therefore, we have been exploring the army colour universe quite a bit over the years. This season we discover a different kind of green through the Forest Night canvas - an almost subdued dark green color with hints of brown and yellow within. Perfectly sharpened up with our black signature bridle leather and gun-metal accessories.



The Forest Night fabric presents a delicate mix of cotton and nylon, hence offering the best of two worlds: the tactility of the cotton and the durability of the nylon. At 812 gram per running meter, the material is a bit heavier than our cotton canvas.  Add to that a soft backing, which gives the fabric the ideal weight for ensuring natural draping.

helmet bag forest

M/S Helmet bag - Camel & Forest Night/Black

backpack forest green

M/S Backpack - Forest Night/Black

briefcase forest green

M/S Brief - Forest Night/Black

M/S Explorer - Forest Night/Black

M/S Explorer - Forest Night/Black





We´ve matched the Forest Night colorway with gunmetal hardware, to give a clean, neutral balance to the warmer green nuances, making the fabric a natural part of the Expression collection.



flow tote bag forest green

M/S Flow - Forest Night/Black

pastime tote bag forest green

M/S Pastime - Forest Night/Black

suitcase forest green

M/S Suitcase - Forest Night/Black

M/S Wash bag - Forest Night/Black

M/S Wash bag - Forest Night/Black