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Just an hour’s drive northeast of Milan will bring you to a small town called Costa Masnaga. It is here, in this quiet unassuming town nestled in the Italian countryside, that Limonta, one of Italy’s top textile manufacturers, has quietly made its home producing textiles for the world’s luxury brands for over 100 years.

Travelling to Limonta on our seasonal pilgrimage can feel like stepping back in time, if only because the sense of community in the town is so palpable. Many of the townspeople work for Limonta, creating a strong bond and ensuring that Limonta stays truly conscious of their environmental impact, making every effort to put the environment first. 




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If the town of Costa Masnaga feels like stepping back in time, Limonta’s archives feel like time travel. Three years ago, we discovered the Cheyenne tapestry pattern in these archives, starting a journey to create what is now the Cheyenne fabric development, one of our most elegant and powerful to date. Echoing traditional Cheyenne patterns, the weaving and colors are equally inspired by Sergio Leone’s 19th century spaghetti westerns – as by the century-old wall tapestry which forms the base of the design. 




M/S Bucket Bag Cheyenne




The delicacy of the weaving becomes apparent when you get close to it, the intricacy of the herringbone being especially impactful. The pieces we produced in the Cheyenne fabric are truly a part of living history. It is apparent in the final result that we gave this development time, going back and forth, experimenting with different weavings as well as various dimensions and colors. This season, the colors were just right and everything fell into place. Cheyenne also pairs well with the other Legacy collection colorways, complimenting Coal, Army, and Khaki wonderfully. 




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