AW16 Fabric Guide

A modern dystopian cityscape.
The season of Nordic Noir is here, offering sentiments of reflection by finding light in the gloom. The fabrics mimic the seasonal change, the pale concrete, underexposed alley ways and glistening pavements. Together, they shape a rather dark palette that never becomes morose, always cutting a sharp figure amidst the urban mist.

The AW16 collection marks MISMO´s 10th anniversary as a provider of singular luggage essentials, for discerning urbanites. We naturally continue our long-time partnership with Limonta, the premium Italian textile manufacturer, allowing us to explore their fantastic archives, which translates into a most tactile and modern mentality when it comes to fabric usage and design.

On all our fabrics a sturdy cotton drill, or nylon backing is provided, to better balance weight and utility, when using the pieces on the go. Furthermore, each fabric, whether nylon, cotton canvas or linen, boasts a water-repellent coating that rejects stains and raindrops and keeps your belongings dry.

The concise fabric guide below serves as an introduction to both our classic as well as the unique seasonal fabrics that characterize the AW16 collection.



Navy nylon

Navy Nylon aw16

Mismo offers myriad shades but the waterproof navy nylon is perhaps the ultimate classic – and it’s easy to understand why. The timeless combination of elegant Italian heavy-duty, tight-woven navy nylon and dark brown leather trim always captures a second glance. Waterproof and certain to maintain its clean and stylish appearance for years, the navy nylon is one of the surest picks in the Mismo collection.


Army cotton canvas

Army Cotton Canvas

A mainstay of the Mismo collection, the army cotton canvas was the first material we used when introducing bags combining fabric and leather back in 2008. The refined, structured canvas evokes English aristocracy and wildlife hunting, and the fabric’s water-repellent coating helps create a luxurious patina over time. Casual yet sophisticated, the army cotton canvas with its earthy tones of grey, green and brown is a true wardrobe staple.


Black heavy-duty nylon 

Ballistic black aw16

AW15 heralds the advent of a brand-new Mismo classic: black heavy-duty nylon. Taking inspiration from the black volcanic beaches on Iceland’s south coast, this nylon is designed for heavy-duty wear and will stand up to nearly any test. Constructed from ballistic nylon – so-called for its tight basket weave and high tenacity – Mismo’s black nylon is slightly thicker and heavier than our other fabrics and is characterised by extreme durability. Waterproof by nature.



Pine Green Wool

Pine Green Wool

We first introduced the Pine Green wool to the collection back in 2013. The demand was simply overwhelming. The Pine Green fabric is a fine wool & cotton blend with a delicate touch, slightly reminiscent to the color schemes used in heritage hunting-jackets. Wool essentially maintains a deep colour tone and is know for its immaculate durability. This resilient fabric will easily stand the test of metropolitan everyday life, as its waterproof surface assures to get your personal items home neatly.  This tactile texture is combined with dark brown bridle leather and brass accessories, which give the overall feel a distinct glance of sophisticated elegance.


Øresund Canvas 

Øresund canvas

The Øresund canvas is named after the strait that forms the water borders between Denmark and Sweden. The coming of autumn gives the water a distinct greenish hue perfectly captured in this colourway. The fabric is a sturdy blended cotton/nylon fabric with our default water repellency treatment and comes paired with vegetable tanned black bridle leather and gun-metal accessories.


Beluga Lightweight Nylon 

Beluga aw16

The Beluga fabric is the same fabric as last seasons moonlight blue and therefore a continuation of our focus on lightweight, durable nylon materials. It subtly frames the greener shades of the Nordic oceans, juxtaposed here by our clean-cut black bridle leather. This fabric gives way to a sporty and flexible feel.  A thin laminated layered nylon, with foam padding, makes for a wavy surface and ultra-light composition, making it easy to carry around all day.  Naturally, it also offers most remarkable protection against any weather type. Finally, this unique nylon surface, makes the bag effortlessly sound and durable.


Nordic Noir print on linen 

Nordic Noir

Graphic yet effortlessly understated, this subtle Linen surface, breathes Nordic Noir. The cotton/nylon blend fabric draws inspiration from the faint mirroring city-lights found, as the season turns. Another year in our vast metropolis has turned, the light slowly dimmed, as the sun sets, paving the way for long nights. Daylight is scarce, and this sturdy linen surface reminds us of the visual scenery so often observed in the postmodern film movement. Expressive, yet clean as urban camouflage, this is one of our bolder designs. Resilient and durable as always.


Sepia Nylon 

Sepia Nylon

The Sepia nylon boasts the same composition as our classic navy nylon. Waterproof and certain to maintain its clean and stylish appearance for years, the sepia color bears resemblance with Danish Military uniforms from the late 40’s. Paired with our Cuoio bridle leather for a warm and natural look, this combination will also be easy recognizable in most Danish forests during Fall when the leaves turn golden and fall to the ground. As this is a seasonal sidekick to the classic navy nylon, the sepia/cuoio tone will only be available in a limited range of styles.


Overcast Coated Canvas 

Overcast coated cotton canvas

As the name indicates; this Overcast Canvas contains fine gray toning details, much like cloud formations obscuring the overseas sky on a dark November day. The base fabric is a 100% cotton canvas with a unique coating that will develop a beautiful patina over time as well as offering extra protection to the fabric. This sturdy combination is partnered with vegetable black bridle leather and gun-metal accessories to round off the gloomy seasonal feel.