MISMO’s core is defined by the premium fabrics and surface textures we provide. These are the true hallmarks of our design philosophy.
For Spring/Summer 2016 we raised the bar again, in order to fully rekindle our innovative and tactile mindset. Alongside our classic tight-woven navy nylon, army cotton canvas and heavy-duty black nylon, we are introducing four new fabrics. Two of these were specially developed and customized for MISMO by Limonta, the premium Italian textile manufacturer.

For the brighter season, we turned our inspiration towards those first glances of summer, as a crisp spring breeze illuminates the Nordic plains. This seasonal shift, marks a profound change in urban pace and the great outdoors.  As the road always beckons, we mesmerized about those soon to be beach-side conversations, the glooming sun and summery chance encounters. Our seasonal fabrics reflect the innate charm of the Summer coastline, by mimicking its sandy beaches, roaring waves and its leafy palms swaying in the wind.

Chosen for their unrivalled technical and tactile qualities, the fabrics feature a sturdy cotton drill or nylon backing to provide the weight and strength that best support MISMO styles. And each fabric – whether nylon, cotton canvas or linen – boasts a water-repellent coating that rejects stains and raindrops and keeps products dry.

The concise fabric guide below serves as an introduction to our classic as well as the unique seasonal fabrics that characterize our SS16 collection.



Navy nylon

navy nylon

Mismo offers myriad shades but the waterproof navy nylon is perhaps the ultimate classic – and it’s easy to understand why. The timeless combination of elegant Italian heavy-duty, tight-woven navy nylon and dark brown leather trim always captures a second glance. Waterproof and certain to maintain its clean and stylish appearance for years, the navy nylon is one of the surest picks in the Mismo collection.


Army cotton canvas

army cotton canvas

A mainstay of the Mismo collection, the army cotton canvas was the first material we used when introducing bags combining fabric and leather back in 2008. The refined, structured canvas evokes English aristocracy and wildlife hunting, and the fabric’s water-repellent coating helps create a luxurious patina over time. Casual yet sophisticated, the army cotton canvas with its earthy tones of grey, green and brown is a true wardrobe staple.


Black heavy-duty nylon 

ballistic nylon

AW15 heralds the advent of a brand-new Mismo classic: black heavy-duty nylon. Taking inspiration from the black volcanic beaches on Iceland’s south coast, this nylon is designed for heavy-duty wear and will stand up to nearly any test. Constructed from ballistic nylon – so-called for its tight basket weave and high tenacity – Mismo’s black nylon is slightly thicker and heavier than our other fabrics and is characterised by extreme durability. Waterproof by nature.



Blue waves/Cuoio

blue waves

This jacquard weaved cotton canvas fabric draws inspiration from the permanently fascinating eyesight of peaking waves. The elegant design is inspired by the stunning Japanese woodblock drawings from the late Edo period, adding an optical illusion on one hand, but furthermore also a presence of impressive weaving craftsmanship. The water-repellant lightweight fabric is accompanied by our beautiful cuoio bridle leather and solid brass hardware, creating a symbiosis we are rather proud of.


Oat Herringbone/Cuoio 

oat herringbone

The Oat Herringbone is as palpable as it looks, boasting an irresistible mix of weaved oat colored herringbone linen and resilient viscose. This texture was inspired by old Cuban linen coffee sacks. Our surface was reworked and refined, in order to subtly allude to this historic grainy feel.  Graphically, the shapes are loosely drawn as textures palm-trees and incomparably paired with solid brass hardware and a cuoio bridle leather amalgamation. This more upscale blend is treated with water-repellant Mismo coating, to fully round off this astute summer compatriot.


Moonlight Blue/Black 

moonlight blue

Our moonlight blue colourway subtly frames the darker shades of oceanic navies, juxtaposed here by our clean-cut black bridle leather. This fabric gives way to a sporty and flexible feel.  A thin laminated layered nylon, with foam padding, gives this smooth fabric a wavy surface and ultra-light composition, making it easy to carry around all day. Naturally, it also offers a most remarkable protection against any weather type. The choice of this particular nylon confidently assures the bags’ durability.


Ocean Blue/Cuoio 

ocean blue

This contemporary colourway encapsulates a summery feel of sportiness and seaside warmth. The ocean blue canvas is a cotton and nylon blend that elegantly merges the durability of the nylon with the tactility of the cotton. The hard-woven canvas is paired with cuoio bridle leather and solid brass hardware in a quintessential manner. Indeed, it also has been naturally treated with signature water-repellant coating, ensuring a long-time partnership. Made for heavy-duty wear whilst roaming the world.