Kasper Hostrup

In this feature series, we take a closer look at our valued retail partners and the unique retail experiences they offer. All of them dealing with Mismo products on a daily basis.

First up for closer review is one of our locals. The GOODS store is located in the heart of Østerbro, Copenhagen – A vibrant neighborhood with the highly sought after old-school Danish charm still present. The maestro behind the shop is Kasper Hostrup, a man with an already extensive career in fashion retail. His boutique, GOODS, was founded in 2008 and curates a tight and well-defined brand selection of Scandinavian minimalist, Japanese craftsmanship and UK heritage brands. What started out in a small basement shop in Østerbro has grown into one of the most respected menswear stores in town.

To celebrate our growing relationship with GOODS and our recent window display running through December, we sat down with Kasper asking him a few questions about the past year in store and why Mismo and GOODS seem to be such a great fit.

What’s the biggest motivation(s) in your daily work at Goods?
As an entrepreneur, the most important thing for me is progress - to strive for more and evolve. It´s the constant progress that motivates me, whether it be growth in terms of sales, to better our selection of product, to fine tune the overall atmosphere both in-store and online or the positive response from our customers…. that´s what motivates me and keeps things fun and keeps me going. Fine tuning is everything.

How do you see Mismo fit into your selection?
Most of our clientele want to look smart both in their respective workplaces as well as outside of working hours and Mismo tends to both these needs as I see it. Mismo is both contemporary and classic without being too much of any of the two. Also, Mismo fulfils our two core values at Goods: great quality and good design. So what's not to like!
Any favourite Mismo style?
The M/S Utility in Navy/Dark Brown is perfect for daily use whether I´d be wearing dressed pants or jeans, also, it fits the bill perfectly in terms of size for one-day outings.

New Year’s just around the corner, time for reflexion. What has been the best moments in the store during 2015?
It´s difficult to point to one specific thing, as we try to be as uncompromising with everything we do regarding Goods and we’re just grateful that people appreciate what we're doing and keep coming back to us.

GOODS will be carrying an extended range of Mismo products during December - make sure to pay them a visit if 
you’re in town.