AW15 Fabric Guide


Premium fabrics are a cornerstone of the Mismo philosophy, and the Autumn/Winter 2015 collection is no exception. Subtle, innovative fabrics both inspire new designs and enliven existing styles, bringing fresh looks and new life to classic Mismo silhouettes. The mesmerizing landscape of Iceland is the backdrop to the AW15 collection, with the colours and tactility of its diverse, volcanic vistas being an endless source of inspiration.

All Mismo fabrics are handpicked and customised by Limonta, the premium Italian textile manufacturer. Chosen for their unrivalled technical and tactile qualities, the fabrics feature a sturdy cotton drill or nylon backing to provide the weight and strength that best support Mismo styles. And each Mismo fabric – whether nylon, cotton canvas or linen – boasts a water-repellent coating that rejects stains and raindrops and keeps products dry.

This fabric guide is an introduction to both the classic Mismo colourways that will remain in the collection season after season as well as the Iceland-inspired seasonal fabrics available for AW15 only.



Navy nylon

navy nylon fabric

Mismo offers myriad shades but the waterproof navy nylon is perhaps the ultimate classic – and it’s easy to understand why. The timeless combination of elegant Italian heavy-duty, tight-woven navy nylon and dark brown leather trim always captures a second glance. Waterproof and certain to maintain its clean and stylish appearance for years, the navy nylon is one of the surest picks in the Mismo collection.


Army cotton canvas

army canvas collection

A mainstay of the Mismo collection, the army cotton canvas was the first material we used when introducing bags combining fabric and leather back in 2008. The refined, structured canvas evokes English aristocracy and wildlife hunting, and the fabric’s water-repellent coating helps create a luxurious patina over time. Casual yet sophisticated, the army cotton canvas with its earthy tones of grey, green and brown is a true wardrobe staple.


Black heavy-duty nylon 

ballistic black fabric

AW15 heralds the advent of a brand-new Mismo classic: black heavy-duty nylon. Taking inspiration from the black volcanic beaches on Iceland’s south coast, this nylon is designed for heavy-duty wear and will stand up to nearly any test. Constructed from ballistic nylon – so-called for its tight basket weave and high tenacity – Mismo’s black nylon is slightly thicker and heavier than our other fabrics and is characterised by extreme durability. Waterproof by nature.



Glacier canvas

glacier collection

The Glacier canvas is as enduring as the snow, ice and mountains that cover the Icelandic landscape. Crafted from heavy-duty, basket-woven structured cotton canvas, Glacier canvas is designed to meet the mixed-bag needs of the urban adventurer. Graphically sharp in its black and white weave, the Glacier canvas is extremely resistant to dirt and marks. Naturally, it also features the Mismo water-repellent coating.


Lava nylon 

lava canvas

Situated atop the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, a vast volcanic mountain chain, Iceland is home to a high concentration of active volcanoes. The erupting, overpowering force of nature is always apparent here in the epic vistas of this unique country. The vivid orange hues of this element are captured in the Lava colour, which radiates extraordinary heat, energy and movement. Made from the same durable heavy-duty nylon fabric as our navy classic.


Eyan, Jacquard woven canvas 

eyan collection

Unpredictable and many-faceted, the Icelandic landscape has been shaped by thousands of years of geothermal change. Our Eyan colour fuses this earthy element with brighter Atlantic-inspired tones to give this exquisite jacquard woven blend of cotton, linen and viscose a natural feel and soft draping unique to our fabrics this season.


Steel grey canvas 

steel grey collection

Sturdy and substantial, our steel grey canvas was made for crafting luggage. An incredibly tight-woven combination of nylon and cotton ensures the best of both worlds, with the density of the cotton melding with the strength and durability of the nylon. The Steel Grey colourway is a cool, calm shade of grey, the perfect representation of an overcast day on the shores of Iceland overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Stylishly accentuated with dark brown leather and brass accessories, the Steel Grey colourway is so much more than a seasonal fling.