AW16 Location Scouting

For a brand, it is always a significant challenge to find a suitable setting and mood, that really portrays all the effort and thought that goes into creating the seasonal collection. Usually, it is a process of several months, which goes by with finding the fitting model, curating a selection of featured products and lastly finding the faultless location.

This year our Autumn/Winter collection is inspired by the functional requirements to luggage in a citified surrounding, with a focus on gloomy, dystopian color schemes known from city noir pictures, constantly changing reflecting colors to gray tone and green silhouettes, moving along the clean surfaces found in megalopolitan frameworks.

Fortunately, we were able to locate a space, which depicted all of those elements, as well as contributing with a raw and captivating concrete architectural backdrop.

As a matter of fact the venue "Kvæsthusmolen" is yet closed to the public, but will be a noteworthy connection between a practical solution for the city-space and the creation of a strong architectonic expression. The underground parking lot is placed geographically just at the harbor of Copenhagen, close to landmarks Nyhavn and the home to the Royal family, Amalienborg. Upstairs on Ofelia Beach cubber houses connect ground with a descent to the levels below the surface, allowing people without a vehicle to peak into this playground of inflowing lights and palpable materials.

Below is a selection of images from location-scouting at "Kvæsthusmolen" . Make sure to visit this when it opens end of June and stay tuned for small teasers and previews of our AW16 lookbook "City Noir".