In this digital age, you might need to slow down and gather your thoughts. Since 2015, that's what the stationary maker Kartotek has been doing in danish design.

Two young women, whilst somewhere completely elsewhere in their life - got blown away by quality notepads in Paris. It was the concept of putting the technology away and only focusing on a piece of paper that was alluring. Since you remember things better if you write them down, a whole design concept around slowing the pace of everyday life emerged and snowballed into products supporting that.

Kartotek - Brilliant ideas notepad

The very fiber dense paper has a creme color to make it easier for the eyes, instead of for example the paper in a more blue hue. Their paper is actually completely Scandinavian and produced in Europe.

The range of products include the notebooks "Brilliants ides", "Old school notes" and the notepads "Weekly planner", "To-do notepad", "Notes to self" and "Everyday notes". Lastly they have a monthly planner and several cards.

As a first collection, this is a nicely put together family of products that all contribute to a slower pace in life.

Kartotek - Notebook

Their somewhat anti stress oriented approach with their stationary products are designed in a very minimalistic way with subtle patterns that are very easy on the eyes, with a simplistic grid or beautiful horisontal lines.

Weekly planner from Kartotek

Cards from Kartotek

Notebooks from Kartotek

The Kartotek can be found at www.kartotekcph.dk