M/S Soft Work

The M/S Soft Work has been a staple in our collection since it’s introduction in 2011. The design is kept as clean and functional as possible with its signature roll-top and outside front pocket drawing inspiration from old-fashioned grocery bags. It’s truly a versatile bag that fits just as perfect for a stroll through the city or a day at the office.

M/S Soft Work in Ocean Blue Canvas

The large opening gives and eases access into the bag and the folded top allows for the bag to expand if needed. 
Just button the top part together, then fold down to the desired size and secure with the two sailor snap hooks attached to the handles.

M/S Soft Work in Ocean Blue opened up

Another significant feature is the outside pocket detailing, which provides an extra “slide-down” pocket behind 
the “grocery-bag”inspired outside pocket, ensuring a space to keep essentials easily accessible.

M/S Soft Work in Ocean Blue close up

The Soft Work is finished off with an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap with shoulder padding.

Available in various color combinations, you can visit the full M/S Soft Work-family on www.mismo.dk under briefcases.




The M/S Soft Work in use