The Model 45 Armchair

Finn Juhl is widely considered to be one of the founding fathers of modern danish furniture design.

Born as the son of a textile wholesaler representing multiple different manufacturing markets, he was no stranger to appreciating materials and the textiles later to be used in his designs. But in reality, Finn desired to become an Art Historian and spend most of his young years at the National Gallery studying their items. Times were different back then and therefore his father simply disapproved his interest and convinced him to join the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts to study architecture. After graduating he joined the architectural firm of Vilhelm Lauritzen, who later would become known as a key figure in putting danish architecture on the world map.

After working ten years as an architect he decided to start his own design office. As a matter of fact, Finn founded his design office as a self-taught furniture designer, in partnership with the cabinetmaker Niels Vodder.

One of their masterpieces is still in use all over the world to this day. The Model 45 Armchair, which was originally made in 1945, became highly celebrated, due to its almost sculptural look. A significant new feature of the chair was the separation between the upholstered areas and the wooden frame, which in the designs of the previous decades had been connected. A timeless and everlasting classic!

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