M/S Flair: A minimalistic tote bag

M/S Flair
Oliver Hooson

In recent years, the iconic tote bag silhouette has made a strong comeback within the fashion savvy crowd. And even though the backpack temporarily seems to have denied it top spot over preferred everyday carrying options, there are many reasons for still loving the tote bag. Its simple styling often adapts seamlessly to any outfit on the day, making it a great on-the-go companion. It works extremely well as the easy carry-on luggage for the short trips or the daily grocery shopping routine. The M/S Flair is our preferred on-the-go tote bag that makes everyday life a little more comfortable and fashionable, using its flexible design and lightweight materials.

M/S Flair

With the M/S Flair you have the option to use it as your primary bag or tuck it inside another if you need multiple carrying options during the day. Flat packed in a suitcase it’s very space friendly and at destination, it will easily turn into a neat lightweight partner when strolling around exploring new cities.


Fredrik Risvik

The long nylon ribbon handles make it easy to carry over the shoulder and a set of horizontally placed full-grain bridle leather handles offer a reliable handheld option as well. Inside you’ll find and a pocket with a YKK Excella zippered closure for all the small extras. The Excella zipper is a high-quality metal zipper with a polished finish and a luxurious feel to it. No scratching your hands when going in and out this pocket!

M/S Flair Concrete

The M/S Flair can easily be used for a day at the office, holding enough space for any 15" laptops. The tote bag comes in a large variety of materials such as our classic canvas, ballistic black nylon, lightweight nylon or one of the seasonal weaves. Get a full overview of all the different versions here. 

M/S Flair