M/S Capsule

In classical Greek mythology, Pandora was the first woman on Earth who later came to open the deviously gifted box - releasing all horrendousness and evil into the world. Little known to this mythological tale is that one thing remained in that very same box. That important little thing was called Elpis, which translates to hope or expectation.  

We suggest to let the Capsule be used as your personal container of Elpis; holding your passionately chosen objects. 

The M/S Capsule's outside doesn't give the observer many clues of what it contains, nor shall it. It´s personal and will grow with you while collecting and carrying valuable belongings through life. 

You can see how the wonderful people at MAN of the WORLD interpreted the M/S Capsule as a doppkit in this beautiful shot.

M/S Capsule used as doppkit

Photography by: Ivan Bideac, @bideac

The M/S Capsule Family