The M/S Helmet Bag: Redefining a historical silhouette

M/S Helmet Bag from Mismo Lookbook

Founded in 1947, the United States Airforce has been at the centre of attention in multiple conflict zones across the world for over 70 years. Over time their efforts have been portrayed in movie classics such as Top Gun, Air Force One or John Wayne´s Island in the sky to name a few. Therefore it hardly comes as a surprise, that the equipment they use has become quite iconic over the years. The list of modern-day designers drawing reference from vintage army equipment and clothing is long.

Take the Helmet Bag for example, a standard equipment that pilots receive from their academy training years. As an U.S.A.F. pilot one must always be ready to leave when called upon, and the traditional helmet bag design was therefore accommodated with the space needed for essentials when leaving on short notice.

The tote bag design came in handy, as the top zippered closure allowed the airmen to quickly access their Kevlar helmet in the large main compartment, and to store all their extra equipment, including flight gloves or a pair of pilot sunglasses in the two outside pockets. In the traditional version, the Cordura nylon body made the carrying experience light and convenient with the possibility to also carry it shoulder hung.

US Pilots with helmet bags in Vietnam

The M/S Helmet Bag is Mismo’s refined take on this iconic military silhouette. The size of the original U.S.A.F helmet bag has been scaled down, as the modern day traveller demands a slimmer and more versatile design for everyday use. It still creates ample space for the daily on the go essentials with the two outside signature pockets leaving space for shades and gloves or the working day combo of the adapter and a notebook. On the backside, an extra zipped compartment is our addition to the original design, creating a smooth access to iPad or Notebook.

Helmet bag in mismo lookbook

Furthermore, the large main compartment features yet another wealth of organisational opportunities with a zipped pocket and two large open pockets below on one side and a small slide down pocket for cell phone or cardholder on the other.

For the Spring/Summer season, we offer the M/S Helmet bag in three colour combinations; Moonlight Blue, LWBlack, & Athletic Grey. Each combination features hard woven canvas nylon on the top and in the bottom of the bag for extra durability and our lightweight, double bonded nylon fabric making out the body and the large outside pockets, for the optimal combination of longevity and lightweight on–the-go usability.

M/S Helmet Bag Athletic Grey
M/S Helmet Bag Moonlight Blue