Mismo M/S Briefcase - Pine green/Dark Brown

The Pine Green fabric is a fine wool & cotton blend with a delicate touch, slightly reminiscent to the color schemes used in heritage hunting-jackets. Wool essentially maintains a deep colour tone and is know for its immaculate durability.

Mismo M/S Shopper - Pine Green/Dark Brown

This resilient fabric will easily stand the test of metropolitan everyday life, as its waterproof surface assures to get your personal items home neatly. This tactile texture

is combined with dark brown bridle leather and brass accessories, which give the overall feel a distinct glance of sophisticated elegance.

Mismo M/S Supply - Pine Green/Dark Brown

The Pine Green Wool was first introduced in a smaller scale in 2013, and its reception was simply overwhelming. Therefore we’re now bringing it back for the season in several different styles to meet the demand, and to add that extra little touch of Autumn luxury to the collection that this fabric provides.

Mismo M/S Express - Pine Green/Dark Brown