Material Focus: Crispy Nylon

M/S Escape Burgundy

Being encompassed by the raw Nordic and Baltic Seas, the maritime inspiration remains present in our designs. As such Denmark has historically always been a country with a great tradition of fishing, as well as sports sailing. The success of four times Olympic gold medalist sailor Poul Elvstrøm affected maritime fashion up through the late 20th century, where companies would start producing jackets from leftovers of the technical fabrics used for sail and spinnakers. It was with this nostalgic memory in mind that we were immediately drawn to the lightweight crispy nylon fabric. 

Therefore the SS17 season marks the introduction of this highly technical and structured nylon in two colorways, Crispy Blue and Burgundy.

Daypack Crispy Blue

Some qualities make the sailcloth fabric an excellent choice for luggage production. Naturally, the sails have an incredible durability and tear strength, since they must be used in extreme wind situations and contact with the salty ocean air. Furthermore, the fabrics have a stretchability, allowing the sail to expand a bit when necessary.
The Chemical fibres have advantages over natural fibres concerning water tightness due to faster drying, the longer life and the slower formation of stick stains and mould fungi. 

Collect Crispy Blue

Our Crispy fabric is a technical lightweight 100% nylon fabric that pays homage to the feel of the traditional sailcloth fabrics fused with our signature contemporary design. Just as the traditional materials our models have a water repellant coating, that protects and preserves the bags for many years of partnership. A unique quality of our fabric is that warm and dry conditions will enhance the rigidity and crispy feel of the fabric whereas wet and humid weather will soften the material.

The Crispy luggage comes paired with black or dark brown bridle leather, solid brass hardware and ton-sur-ton navy cotton lining.

M/S Haven Burgundy