Material focus: Beluga lightweight nylon

 Mismo M/S Shopper - Beluga/Black

The Beluga fabric is the same fabric as last seasons moonlight blue and therefore a continuation of our focus on lightweight, durable nylon materials. It subtly frames the greener shades of the Nordic oceans, juxtaposed here by our clean-cut black bridle leather. This fabric gives way to a sporty and flexible feel.  A thin nylon laminated to itself, with foam padding in between, creates a wavy surface and ultra-light composition, making it easy to carry around all day.

Featured below is the M/S Carpet bag.

Mismo M/S Carpet bag - Beluga/Black

When we say that it's lightweight, we mean it. The Beluga nylon is around a third of the weight of the other materials we use, and we like to say as visually fast paced as well with it's sporty light reflection and subtle waviness in the surface. The fabric is a quite new development by Limonta and we love to be one of the front runners of these new and very technical fabrics.

The beluga material is double-bonded, meaning that the frontside and backside has the same surface. Most fabrics have a different backing, usually polyester or cotton, to add weight and stability to the fabric. However, in our case it doesn't mean that the inside of the bags are identical with the outside, as we have lined all the styles with a grey cotton lining for a more delicate and tactile interior feel. More interesting details about the beluga nylon is that although it doesn't look like a woven material, it actually is. The material is so tightly woven that it comes off as a non woven fabric, and that technical aspect of our materials is something that excites fabric enthusiasts like ourselves. 

Below is the gym/travel bag M/S Challenge in Beluga where you can glimpse the inside PVC water proof pocket to put your wet towel and tee in after training. 

Mismo M/S Challenge - Beluga/Black

Our continued focus on these technical materials derives out of a disappointment that as soon as a bag shall become sporty is has to become less delicate. Our observation is that most sporty inspired bags on the market often see any refined expression instantly withdrawn by using cheap, unattractive nylon fabrics in an offensive color scheme. An edgy bag with a fast paced and sporty look doesn't need to look less exclusive. 

Mismo M/S Challenge - Beluga/Black

We are genuinely intrigued by this material and its durability despite its thin nature and therefore haven't restricted the offering to only backpacks and travel bags, but also included some of our classic designs for briefcasestote bags and accessories too. 

Closeups - Beluga lightweight material