Field Trip: The home of Arne Jacobsen

Arne Jacobsen is one of the most influential creative Danish minds of all time. His designs are recognized worldwide due to their neat looks, as well as functionality. Recently the fund Real Dania opened up for a new project of theirs. For the last years, they have been buying up iconic designers houses, with the intention of opening these up for the public. Now Jacobsen's own house located on Strandvejen 413, Charlottenlund is the first example of this.

The house is built with clear inspiration from functionalist thinkers, even though it also incorporates more traditional and conservative villa elements, due to the placement in a traditional villa neighborhood.

The white-painted concrete wall surrounding the triangular site is a clear reference to functionalism and the architecture from the mid-1920s till the beginning of the 2nd World War. Jacobsen´s Villa was finished in 1929 and therefore also corresponds to the trends from that time of the century. Typical signs of the inspiration from functionalism can be found with the flat roof, asymmetric facades, the roof terasse, as well as the heavy maritime inspiration throughout the entire construction.

For example, the door has a clear maritime look, which can also be found on the fence on the rooftop terasse and the stairs leading down to the garden, drawing inspiration from luxury liners of that time. In the roof over the entrance of the door, there are small light holes created, allowing the maritime look to fully dominate.